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The Exodus (music video)

Filed under: Journal, Podcast, Stories, Videos - admin on January 24th, 2008

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A Story of Current Events

I recently returned from one of the most amazing journeys of my life! I was in Egypt and Greece. While in Cairo, I made an effort to go to the pyramids to film. It was an adventure getting there, riding a horse full speed across the desert while looking at 5,000 year old pyramids in the distance, I'll never forget that moment!

When my friends and I arrived at the location, my thoughts were simply to film myself singing through a few of my songs. My goal was to get 30 seconds of good footage that would be used for a promotion. So for an hour, I filmed. The Great Pyramids were in the background and every now and then camels and horses would walk by, it was perfect! Totally unplanned, totally unrehearsed. No special lights or gear, no film crew, just a simple hand held camera and lots of passion! Every now and then people would stop at the top of the hill to look at a madman in the desert who was singing his songs with no music being played (I had in-ear headphones pumping the music to me so I could synchronize my mouth and motions to each song).

When I got back to my hotel room and looked at the footage I was in awe! I suddenly began to realize that without thinking about it I had actually just filmed the music video for The Exodus! I was flying to Greece the next day so I decided I would go to the Acropolis in Athens and film there too. Both Egypt and Greece are important to the true story that inspired the birth of The Exodus.

I completed the video edit yesterday and amazingly the headlines in the news were about “the exodus” that is literally taking place in Egypt right now! I don't take this lightly. And also on the same day, the Greek Prime Minister made the first official visit to Turkey in 50 years! All of these things are important to me. You see, my Greek family fled for their lives from Turkey in the early 1900’s because of war, they left behind homes, businesses, everything. So for Greece to be seeking “…permanent improvement in relations…” with Turkey means much to me and to countless others! Then during WWII, my family once again fled for their lives, this time it was into the deserts of Egypt where they lived as refugees for several years. The timing of the completion of The Exodus and all these current events just amazes me.

For years I have known that God has been preparing me to go to nations to deliver a message of hope and love to their people and leaders, to sing a song that they can feel and connect with. I went to Egypt for no other reason than because I felt it in my heart to go, and after the decision was made and the ticket was booked that is when things began to unfold and happen. First, an invitation to sing on a national radio show, then in a moment of inspiration a few hours before I was leaving Cairo I shot the footage that has now became the music video of The Exodus! The same was true in Greece, after decided to go, it was then that I was invited for an interview on a national radio show and then as a result of the show I ended up doing my first live performance in Athens and also had the opprotunity to film footage at the Acropolis! Imagine having several dreams all come to pass in 48 hours. It was magical, I felt like time stood still. I feel very guided and that my trip had a purpose that cannot be put into words.

The Exodus is about pain, loss and persecution but it is also about resolution and a wish to live. The Exodus is the story of current events. This video is RIGHT ON TIME. There's nothing "slick" about this music video, it's raw and passionate. There are no words in The Exodus, only expressions and cries of deep feelings and emotions. Someone said to me today, "If a picture paints a thousand words then The Exodus paints a thousand languages." The Exodus is a story of HUMANITY and it speaks in an unknown tongue understood by all. ~ Niko

My team and I feel very strongly about this video. If it moves you, please help us spread the word about it by sharing this page with your friends and family. Help us take it around the world, we can't do it with out you! Thanks!!!



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  1. well Niko I guess it didn’t need a cast a handy cam did all the job it’s a gr8 one it became more expressive that way good work man as an egyptian you gave me another view of the pyramids hehehe nice one buddy…the egyptian desserts were honoured for having you arround :D…keep it up.

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    Hi niko,

    I love this song, the music vedio is great job, I know how hard it is to edit pics your song.I liked camels and native people in the background.
    anyway as much as I appreciate ur cool music, I want to share my views on this music video: when I listen to this song I do not associate it with your image singing it,I would like to see the crowd of people, thousands, maybe in the desert moving to an unknown mysterious destination, pyramids do not necessarily resembel the exile for me,consider all destinations in the world even very usual ones like a street , your pain still can be felt. anyway I liked the scenes you grabed the sacred soil. Again sacred soil is not just in Egypt , but anywhere that the blood of thousands of inocents are being shed. your journey has just begun!
    Lots of Love

  3. Hey NIKO~~ i am still support you!!! ALl the way dude!! still looking great!! oh ya.. your hair ya.. try it short ? haha~ just a suggestion, thought ya gonna look good in it! haha~ ciaoz~

  4. Such passion is amazing!
    Loved the video, and the shots are so raw and mesmerizing. There was such power in the your emotions!
    Great job Niko!

  5. Well Nico,
    I’m very impressed by what you do here.
    This is so totally different than I know you.
    You captivated me which is something that doesn’t happen all the time.
    This what you show us doesn’t need any more then what’s to see.
    It’s in a way old fashion oriental mystery, which is to be a complement.
    I love it, go on!!!

    With all my support and to your success,

    Joanna Bailey
    Founder of http://www.myspace.com/cmsnetwork

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    Hey NIKO…! Your new music video, is just perfect!!! I am supporting you! I will send it to everybody I know!!! Kisses from Greece…!

  7. avatar

    oh, niko

    you were dammned awesome in this video clip. i loved the close up very much and the expressions of your face. these close ups made you look very attractive and handsome…lol…i like your messy hair…makes you look handsome. i honesly didnt find your invented language overacting. you did it well. it must be dammned hard to act like this with very deep emotions.

    even i live in austria but come from egypt…this video made me wanna be there in winter. when i go..there are always lots of people and damn hot.

    great video, niko!

  8. avatar

    Hi Niko,I’m Wing from Shanghai China. Do you remember me?
    Long time no see. I’m so busy these months.
    But I listen your songs in my Mp4 everyday.
    Keep walking! Thank you giving us good music!
    GOOD LUCK my friend!

  9. avatar

    Great Job Niko
    Great Music
    Keep it on
    Greets :)

  10. avatar

    Great song…Great video…Great lyrics and music! Great Nikos! Hello from Greece-Athens

  11. avatar

    It is wonderful Job.Like the truth with come from You! Your voice is traveling me with magic ways !The Music synthesis is very special,,instrumental,,very heartfull.Yes people will be understand that inspiration,,your music inside you & what u wanna give with that Song !Feelings…Soul… … …
    We are with you NIKO !!! !!! !!!

  12. avatar

    Awareness is a beautiful gift! Thanks for sharing and spreading enlightenment. The Exodus is food for thought and growth. May our consciousness of suffering evolve into healing and peace. Your work is great!

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    Zeinab Hussein Mahmoud

    hey Niko,

    congrats on the video it’s great for a handy cam, lots of passion & real emotions … but i would love to see a professional video for this incredible song, the song is SO powerful & the video should be on the same level … hope we’ll get to see it on TV in the near future

    i’m so glad that here in Egypt people really reacted to this song & i’m glad that i was the one requested it during the radio show … please come back for a concert pleaseeeeeeee

    waiting for more songs, videos & whatever you may work on … WE’LL ALWAYS SUPPORT YOU :)

  14. avatar
    Remina Muse

    WOW! You never cease to amaze me. I LOVE the video.The family standing around me who watched loved the video and felt all your emotion and your cry for hope…. for humanity as I did. The video was very professional because it came straight from your heart and you let all of your emotions you felt for this just flow. It was BEAUTIFUL! You have reached out and touched your fans once again. I am so happy for you and so very proud to call you friend. Thank you for giving us NIKO!

    One Love,


  15. avatar
    Charlie Cheung

    Hi NIKO, How Ghosts of your new music video ~ I like it ~~It make me have many illusions ~~~i see , you are a passionate person ~ that ‘s the Artists must have be ~~ the world have many art Form~if you can have a Global travel~ i thank , you will get more Inspiration

    Charlie C

  16. avatar

    Wow! I was absolutly blown away by the passion and conviction you were able to capture in this video! Awesome I love it! God Bless, from the U.S.

  17. avatar

    Loved the video for sure! I’m very honoured to have taken part in the making!

    Much love,

  18. Nice videoclip, Nicko!
    Wow… I didn’t know you had a blog.
    I will link you in my site-blog too.

    Really good.

    Hugs for you!

  19. avatar
    jessie angel

    Nicholas-I can’t download your video just now-waiting for Rose or someone to help me so I can be sure and notmess it up – you know me. I can’t wait til tomorrow afternoon. I am so proud to be your friend!Some people are amazed at your ability – I’m not!Luv ya, Jessie

  20. avatar
    Cenaiyda Carranza

    I have been eagerly awaiting this divine creation! It has truly been beautiful to see what you were able to capture on your journey now combined with the music of Exodus. I see and receive this as a Battlecry of Humanity! As I listened to and watched the video, my question behind the battlecry is and has been……what is their story? The people that suffer,fight, and die every day for the sacred soil all over the world. This battlecry gives honor and dignity to a suffering people who may have at one time, felt they had lost everything. You are right my friend-RESOLUTION INDEED – ONE THAT COMES FROM WITHIN AND IS AN EVERLASTING PEACE THAT NO ONE CAN TAKE AWAY!!!!! I stand on HOLY GROUND with you and the rest of the world. May we all keep going, keep walking, keep running, keep loving, keep caring until we can no more.
    Con mucho Carino,

  21. avatar

    Hi Niko!

    the world needs a person like you..spreading His wisdom through music..Keep it up!

  22. Oh Niko,
    As always, your passion and talent have moved me deeply. Congratulations on the great video. The shoots were beautiful,and your voice travels like the wind. Keep up the great work!
    Much love,

  23. avatar

    Beautiful man,Niko.

  24. HAY MY OLD FRIEND ow u doin I LOVE IT REALLY and i tell ALL my friends about you cuz two reasons
    1- i like your music style
    2- i really like your style
    any way i really HOPE to SEE YOIU FACE TO FACE may you do this 4 US PLZ ;;)

  25. avatar

    great work niko!
    i just loved the music n the lyrics too
    great job buddy!!

  26. avatar
    Size Rainbow

    Hi niko

    I love this song, Great job NIKO!

  27. avatar
    Sonja Wells

    You expressed an emotional marathon! There is NO way anyone could fake the passion and intensity you showed in the video. It’s gripping. I find myself watching and listening to it over and over as if it’s a meditative chant that heightens my own emotions and beliefs.
    Congratulations for your achievement in accomplishing one of your long-awaited dreams.

  28. avatar

    Great job, man. You have a great motivation.
    Keep going.


  29. avatar


  30. avatar

    hi Niko!

    great song,great video.
    I’m wishing you the best…
    Many kisses from Greece.

  31. avatar
    Andy G,

    hope you will succeed with yor pecefull-“musiacal amassador” songs for love and friendship all over the world!

  32. avatar
    Andy G,

    …hope you will succeed with yor -“musical amassador” artist skill and your songs will bring love,peace and friendship all over the world!

  33. Holla Niko
    Your video is amazing!!
    I love the orient and the pyramids from Egipty is very beautiful congratulations!
    Ps I’m moving to Dubai next month and I hope to know everything in Cairo.

  34. Hey nick , good job. i like the video , especially with the camels in the back.

  35. avatar

    Very hott n great song n video. U r great n very sexy. :)

  36. avatar
    Charlie Cheung

    hei~NIKO—I’came back

  37. avatar

    great one!
    keep making music!

  38. avatar

    heyy niko i’m your friend from myspace
    u r video is soo nice & the music perfect

    keep going niko:)

  39. avatar
    Charlie Cheung

    haha ~NIKO ` I have felt your sincere and urgent~~As your Chinese friend,I will help you~~Because it is not difficult for me~I hope that more and more people like your art~~Because I think that your musics are very infectious

  40. avatar

    Wow!!! nice video clip Niko..i always loved your songs but i more loved that song..Yuor voice is so magnificent in The Exodus.
    I always listening your songs and i always sending your song to my friends…
    I know that you are peacfull person.The world needs person like you…please come to Turkey also..We are peacefull people…..
    keep your music …
    love u

  41. Hello Niko, I’m glad I found you’re music.. I enjoy listening to it. And you’re a very speical person in my life. Thank’s dj.wildman wqkb.com

  42. avatar
    sarah from my space ( samba art)

    hay Niko
    it was a new idea
    keep moving on

  43. avatar

    hi niko!!! i like all your songs… nice video clip!!!

    i hope u can visit the philippines!

  44. avatar

    hi, Niko!
    i like this video very much.
    it gives me endless power,
    i want to strech and shout out with your rhythm
    and after doing it, i feel more relax.
    wow,it is unbelievable!

  45. avatar

    hiii,i just wanna to say the song is so amaing,i like it very much..lol

  46. I am so happy I found your music it is a calming tool in these trouble times, Keep up the great work.
    Yours in Success,

  47. avatar

    Hi Niko!

    Absolutely loved this video…the savage intensity of emotions spilling over for the past, the present, and the future!
    Bravo and Amen!

  48. avatar

    i love the video and the song, i love the music

  49. avatar

    the video is absolutely brilliant! it was as if the song, although there were no lyrics, was speaking to me, telling me a story of a very long journey.

    i love it!

  50. Hi Niko,
    the video and music with your voice, the emotions are charm

  51. beautifull song, it inspire me to dance… cool!!!
    keep fighting!
    good luck

  52. avatar

    nice one my friend.awesome ethnic music!!!

  53. avatar

    It`s simply the best ;]]]

  54. avatar

    that’s a very good job!i like these music!come on!

  55. Amazing!!! I love it.

  56. 只需10元,就能让你的广告遍布各个网站!


  57. avatar

    hi niko how is life?

  58. salut Niko ,j’adore cette ” chanson musique “;elle est vraiment magnifique ,je vois que tout va bien pour toi et j’en suis ravie ;continue à nous faire réver ,de ces pays lointains ;amitiés et à bientot

  59. avatar

    i love people when they say they wanna change the world that is why i listen to your songs and i think you are a great singer and one more thing i think the second reason i felt like you need to change the world like the greatest singer ever lived Michael jackson am with you with that the world need to heal i hope to keep doing what you are doing and god will be with you every step of the way you rock

  60. avatar

    hello niko
    good video hope to visit egy again

  61. avatar
    jermeen ahmed

    hiiii nikoo, it’s beautiful music and u showed very strong feelings, and it’s very funny that people looked at u as a mad man :D hhhhhh….i would say the same hhh…..i’m glad that u liked egypt and u have to try it in winter,specially alexandria,u’ll loooooooove it……i like the music soooo much and it’s very strong because u gathered between the oriental and western music,and without any word….just passion… and u should make another clip professional and strong as the music, i like the idea of this video that u didn’t plan it…..just did it. ur so talented and have a good message to spread it in the world, and i hope there’re many people like u…..go on and god pless u

    best regards from egypt

  62. avatar

    Keep the good work :)

  63. avatar

    I love the song, the video makes me laugh, I can’t help it. Unfortunately I can’t watch the video for long, the film goes so fast, my eyes hurt from all the motion. Some parts of the song remind me of Gene loves Jezebel and even of Jeff Buckley (who’s music and voice I adore). Thank you for sharing your music with me. I really like this song. Good luck!

  64. avatar

    great …i like it

  65. avatar

    Dear Niko,
    I find myself lacking in words to describe how I feel listening and watching this video. My people, my family lived through some very hard times and some of my people are still not lucky enough not to understand this pain, fear and suffering that you so perfectly transformed into this song. You wrote that The Exodus is about resolution, but I think that it is about wishing to live.
    Bless from Serbia

  66. Hi, i think that i saw you visited my website so i came to “return the favor”.
    I’m attempting to find things to enhance my web site!I suppose its ok to use some of your ideas!!

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