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Active Street Team Members


There are many people from around the world who have signed up to be part of our Street Team. This page puts a spotlight on those who are showing their support with action. Some have gotten our music on the radio, some have helped us set up profiles on social networks, some have set up fan profiles on myspace and introduced hundreds of new people to our music. The list goes on and on of all the things these people do each day to help us! We are grateful to them all.

Niko is a rare artist. His interest in music is not driven by the glamour of the music industry, but from everything he feels around him, the love, the kindness & romance in people, the desperation, the hope, the fun in life. Apart from his amazing talent in both composing and singing, he has the charisma to sing from his heart, touch and heal souls and inspire people with his music. Not exactly an everyday guy you run into ! I encourage all people out there to listen to his music and maybe he will speak to your hearts too ! :)

Athens, Greece

Vicky MouschouHey! I'm really honored to be a part of the steet team! I'm a fan of good music (especially country) and Niko's music as well. I believe in his vision and his music. It definitely can change the world for the best. I'll never forget the day I met him for the first time. What an amazing person he is! If you're reading this, please become a member of the street team. Thanks!

Vicky Mouschou
Amaliada, Greece

ElsaI believe that every person is born for a reason, every person has a mission to accomplish, and I believe in your mission, the mission to spread Hope and Love through your music, this world needs it, it needs Hope for the ones who have lost it and Love for the ones who don't know what love is, for the cold hearted. And your music Niko has got it all: Happiness, Hope, Love, Joy, Peace, it got a feeling that when you listen to it you just can't let it go and you can't get enough and you keep repeating the tracks over and over and listen carefully and with every time you hear it you discover and feel something new.
The world is such a strange place, the way I got to know you, is through a simple message through MySpace  that had the word Lebanon, I still wonder 'till today, if it hadn't the word Lebanon would I ever checked this message or simply deleted it??? But Destiny played its role and I got introduced to your amazing music through this simple message…
I'm proud to be on your street team, and to spread your music because it deserves to be spread…
Support All The Way,


Beirut, Lebanon

Nikos GaravelasNiko is a man who speaks from his heart. Niko is a true man. I'm not talking about our frindship or the fact that he is Greek, I'm talking about the artist Niko – his soul, his personality, his perspective…
When I met you Niko, it fits perfect to my thoughts, to my soul, to my being. I believe in you and your music. When a man tries to reach for his dream, he fights for his life. And I feel it is my duty to help you fullfill your way to your dream. I will always encourage you, I will always support you, I will be always by your side as a true friend. You are like a brother to me. You will always be the special one.

Nikos Garavelas
Athens, Greece
Love Radio dj

Marialle KetoFor me, I knew it from the moment I heard you on Nikos Garavelas' show. THAT is my sound.. I found finally the sound that represents ME! It’s what is inside of me, the same colors of my dreams.

I played the Love CD and then watched the Love DVD. Niko, no other musical artist has done something like this! All your descriptions, your words, your moments, EVERYTHING ! You've given us all your Life! I feel I have you Niko in my home now! I have you in my home! And like you say in your song The Special One, now it's my turn to say it, "I feel so Blessed, just to know you"!

Every song of you is written for some reason, each has a purpose, a meaning, a deep message. You have a very very pure and clear voice! And the way you play your musical instruments… you play rightly, SO stable, clear and so nice!!! You hold our attention. You touch me. You know music, and music knows you. You have music in your being! This is what I heard when you were playing live on LOVE radio. Passed by us inside and stayed! One special voice, one special man, one special heart.

Marialle Keto
Volos, Greece

Thodoris Damalas

Thodoris Damalas
Athens, Greece

TiffanyHi! My name is Tiffany and I'm from Bloomington Minnesota. I feel very honored and blessed to be a part of Niko's vision and such a wonderful team. It's very uncommon to find anyone anywhere with as much love, humbleness, strength, determination and a huge heart such as Niko has. Niko is truly a god-sent. He has the gentleness of an angel but the strength of a warrior, what a special and unique combination! This is how I know he will succeed in his mission, his mission to touch the world and to touch the hearts of the faithless, the discouraged, those who are hurting and afraid.

Niko, you will never know what you did for me the day you sent a friend request to me on Myspace, I too was one of the ones who were beaten down with no hope for tomorrow, through your music and friendship you touched me, your words made me feel once again, you broke through to me and gave me hope and a little bit of heaven to hang onto, you also told me to follow my passion for music, that I shouldn't be afraid to listen to what's in my heart, for it is my destiny. No one has ever told me anything so moving as that and no one has ever been as helpful. You are so caring to everyone. Your music is also not for yourself but for the world. I think it's wonderful how you are influenced by your love of nature, children, love. You are love and you are music and listening to you is so soothing, the best medication for the soul! I know a lot of music but never has anyone been so talented and true as you, for whatever you do comes straight from your heart and a higher power shines through all that you are and all that you do! No one will ever hear more beautiful meaningful lyrics, a more beautiful voice full of passion and strength or a more beautiful, generous soul than what you possess! You touch the world in a magical way! Thank you Niko for being a great man, a great friend and a great musician for standing up for all that is right and giving us all of you. I love you Niko and I will always support you! Thank you for asking me to be a part of such a great cause!

Minnesota, USA

MinaHello everyone! My name is Mina and I am very honored to be a part of Niko's vision, his hope and unconditional love for humanity.

Niko is truly one of a kind, unlike any other artist I have listened to. He has given me so much love, hope and inspiration through his music and his writings that keep touching my heart and soul. Niko is a beautiful gift from God! There are so many people in this world not knowing what their purpose is and not knowing why or what they were given to accomplish but God has given Niko the insight to know and the drive to accomplish it. His vision is inspiring. His destiny, unavoidable. Niko's heart is pure and his hope is unwavering. Niko will succeed and many will be blessed because of his God given gift as I have been. He is such a beautiful loving soul.

I dedicated a fan page to my beautiful friend Niko so I can share his music and writings of love and hope with others. If Niko, his music and writings have touched your heart as mine has been touched then please feel free to share Niko and his God given gift with others as I and many others have done. If I can help in any way please do not hesitate to write me.

Niko, I love you and will always be here to support you.

Mina Muse
Grants Pass, Oregon

AndreaHello everyone, this is Andrea from Nashville, Tennessee, USA. I have lived in this beautiful state all of my life, but have enjoyed traveling much. I have a beautiful teenage son that keeps me on my toes.

I met Niko in 2005 at his first live gig here in Nashville. His music and performance was unlike anything I had ever experienced. It was from another dimension. My passion for his music and vision is unspeakable. He is a mouth piece to the world through his passionate expressions. In general, most of his work is about love, and that my friend is what our God is – Agape in one facet or another. Such as each song is like a facet etched in a perfect diamond which reflects a different brilliance or color dispersing the light in its own unique excellence.

I just want to encourage whoever may be reading this, if you ever asked to be a part of something grand, such as I did a week before I met Niko with my arms open wide speaking these words into the heavens, "Send me, use me for whatever you need… Let me be your feet, you're hands… I will go", well let me tell you, he took me upon my offer and he hasn't let up since! You have that opportunity, the doors are open to you, the choice is yours to be part of something that will (and is!) shake the world! To feed those hungry for love and truth. To give hope to the hopeless, dreams to the dreamless… through the art of music from a beautiful voice, and spirit. If you feel it in your heart, join with us!

I am honored and excited to be a part of this vision… I want others to feel and see the love and message our Creator desires to expresses to us through this gift that has been bestowed upon my dear friend Niko. I couldn't imagine anyone more beautiful to have been chosen to have such a gift in his spirit as Niko, and he holds it with the utmost honor and humility.

I love you Niko, and you know I'll always be here for you!

Andrea Nashville, Tennessee

MiretteIn a world torn by conflicts and wars, comes Niko's music to bring peace, love, and understanding. It's about time an artist spoke out! An artist with a sincere message and a clear cut goal: Music, a message in itself, to humanity, humanity as a whole, not a certain race or a certain sect! I had the privilege of having Niko add me on MySpace, I heard his music and was instantly touched to the core, I read his writings and saw deep into his soul. We wrote each other a few times and became instant friends, I was touched by his affection towards my homeland! Ever since Niko has had an effect on me, he was not just an artist I liked, he was much more, so I promised to do whatever I possibly can to help spread his music/message in my own country, Egypt, and the world. I would simply describe Niko as one of the most humane persons I ever came across. He has a heart that feels, beats, and bleeds. May you be blessed Niko and may all your dreams come true, and may I get to meet you soon when you come to perform in Egypt :)

Much much love,



LusineHi everyone! My name is Lusine and I’m from Los Angeles, California. It is an honor to be a part of this team of great warriors; I like to call it “The House of Angels”.

Niko has truly been a blessing in my life! I will never forget the day I was led to find him. My life changed! He is truly God sent. I love the transparency that is revealed within his heart, mind and soul! He is chosen and called to give a message of hope and love to the world; to those who have never known love, and to those who have never had hope. How beautiful is this! God has called all of us to become one, unified in His Spirit, and has given us a role to play in destiny. Here we are, a group of WARRIORS with a God-given purpose to accomplish great things – helping, praying, working, reaching out to others! We can only make a difference if we believe.

I believed that one day God would take me to places I had never imagined, give me opportunities to use my talents in ways I had never dreamed. Just before I met Niko, I had asked the Lord to bring someone into my life, I said “Lord, I surrender to you, I give my body, my soul, and my heart to you, use me for your glory, and I want to be yours forever”. He works in mysterious ways, in ways that we cannot comprehend.

If you feel God has called you to be a part of this sacred team, don’t reject it. Listen carefully and always keep yourself open to receive that which you have been destined for. Together, we can shake mountains, change lives and change the world.

Niko, I will always be here to support you.


Los Angeles, California


TashaHey guys my name is Tasha, I am from New Albany, Indiana. I have the wonderful privilege of being a street team leader. The majority of my time is spent helping Niko with whatever needs to be done on that day. I was led to help him through the Spirit, so I know that wonderful things are going to happen in the future; so many lives are going to be changed through all we are doing now! This is Niko's vision, most importantly it's God's vision, and what I have recently adopted as not only one of my visions, but as my dedication and mission to see this vision come to pass! I am so proud to be on a team with these amazing people, who all wish to become part of the solution in such a problematic world. We would all greatly appreciate it if you joined the street team and became our brother or sister; our teammate; our friend. It takes one man to change a group of people, and a group of people to change the world. I love Niko with my whole heart. He is an amazing soul, who has an unimaginable amount of talents he chooses to use for good, so selflessly. I truly believe he is the man who changed the group of people. We are the group of people! Niko is the foundation of our group. Niko, Andrea, Mirette, Lusine, Elena, Sonja, and I, along with the rest of the street team, are all uniting together to take part in changing this world! Join us.


New Albany, Indiana


SonjaMy name is Sonja. I live in the valley of the Great Smoky Mountains in beautiful eastern Tennessee.

Someone, a stranger, sent me a message on MySpace a few months ago. It was my introduction to Niko. I was skeptical at first because of all the other artists who had sent friend requests, bulletins, etc.

But….there was something different about this one. I read his blogs, I listened to his music, I watched the Love dvd. I let go of my skepticism, and began to embrace the concept, the vision, the mission.

The things that I had believed for so long, were being beautifully expressed by this person that I didn't know, but felt I knew.

The journey has been sweet, and the people who are also traveling this spiritual path, are of a kindred spirit. it's a warm satisfaction to know that others share the vision of a better world full of love and optimism.

f you're reading this, there's a message just for you. It goes beyond the words in writing. Listen to it carefully…

Peace, Love, and Friendship,

Maryville, Tennessee


Elena DamalaMy name is Elena, I am from the beautiful port city of Volos in Greece. I love my country and my culture. As you know, the Greeks and Greece have quite a history of being influential in the world but in today’s time Greece is not the visionary country it once used to be. Somehow, I want to be a part of helping to change that. And I believe that it involves Niko – his music and his message.

I could say many things about Niko, but none of them would be enough. From the moment I first saw him, I was drawn to him in a way unlike anything I had ever experienced in my life. After seeing him, I went and found him in an internet café in my city and as soon as he walked out, I introduced myself. Little did I know that my life would never be the same. His music, his writings, his lifestyle… captivated my soul and made me see life with a different perspective – a much broader perspective, one of possibility and without limitations.

And so, I am doing all that I can to help him. His vision is my vision, to help make a positive difference in the world.


Little Rock, Arkansas

Little Rock, Arkansas

JumpyHello my name is Jumpy, I am from Modesto, California. I have a wonderful cat named Sunny Paw. I am Deaf myself and feel music through vibes. Also, we use our hands to sign language through music. It's a really beautiful sight to see sign language. It feels so great to feel different beats. I really admire Niko's songs because they have wonderful words in them to express everything. I grew up with music and it's fun to play around with it. Niko is a great man and has a big heart for everyone. He is like a great friend and brother to me. He found me through myspace and we've gotten to know each other more through his music and my deafness. It's really wonderful to learn something new!

Modesto, California


CeeCI'm proud to say I'm a Street Team member. I was turned on to Niko's music because I love the way it sounds, the way he sings, and the emotion he puts in his songs to express who he is.

Jonesboro, Georgia


Lydia2009Hi everyone! My name is Lydia from Apeldoorn, The Netherlands. Music has always played a big part in my life. I can't live without it. Always a bit of an outsider myself I never went for the mainstream music my friends liked ; ).

It is not often you come across a piece of music that really moves you, touches your soul, inspires you, will release you and brings a smile to your face. Niko makes you really feel wat the song is all about. I have felt all the raw emotions he went through and they feel so familiar. And the music comes with an important message to the world! I think I found a friend in you.

Nomally when you become a fan of a band you can never get close to them. I was pleasantly surprised when he actually answered my emails, that in fact he himself had invited me to his Myspace profile. How many artist do that!? Makes you feel special.

I am so glad that I was invited to this site and I am proud to be a street member to spread his vision and music. He already changed my life, more people need to know and experience Niko. I am glad to be able to help you in return.

Don't just listen, let yourself go dive in and feel the love.


The Netherlands


Being a fan of 60ies/70ies Pop/Rock, I thought Nashville was just the capital of Country Music where Bob Dylan recorded "Nashville Skyline". Of course country sound is present in Niko's music, by the New Grass Mix of "The Sun The Moon and The Stars" and the Slowgrass Mix of "The Special One" with beautiful fiddles, banjo and voice, and his faster New Mountain Mix version of this song, a more joyful country.

But Niko has also a good voice, between Roxy Music's Brian Ferry, Jeff Buckley's Grace of angels and Lloyd Cole in the lower notes, croons "Hate to Love" like Chris Isaak, served by Pink Floydy or Beatlesian pop arrangements that can also cool down in ballads or become angry to defend his engaged and generous struggles of our times against guns ("Put Away The Gun") or to critic screen violence in "My Son", ended with Soul singer and peaceful Gospel Choir. In "Angels" his voice incarn so good are also successfull relaxing ambient/new age tunes, and his "Joy" could be a disco hit.

Open to other music, he wrote "Jules", a jazzy joyful Beatles-like Sergeant Pepper ragtime brassband, and go futher from USA to meet a Greek Indian spirit at the "Closing Door", and finds a way to Orient from Indian Music influences to Greek slow sirtaki in "Kali Spera", slowdown with Mexican organ, to Egypt following the strings of "The Exodus" to the desert dunes…

All his music shows a great composer, singer and arranger, giving nothing but good vibes of Love & Joy by this Warrior of Light.

Jean Daniel

DJ site: www.judaicastrasbourg.com
Blog: http://jdb.blog.estjob.com/index.php

I am an electrical engineer who likes music a lot and this is how I met Niko, I met him when I was surfing, listened to his music in Youtube, his song Love was very touching, I liked it a lot, Then watched his interview. His ideas were interesting, welcoming, unselfish, inspirational. Niko is a very special person and I am very glad that I am his remote:) friend. He is a talented man, he can compose and sing, he has the charisma;), he touches my soul and inspire with his music. He is willing to share his music:) ! I recommend you to listen to his music you will not regret ;)

Hope to see him in Istanbul and be his local guide:)



My name is Marcus Grip, I am 18 years old and live in Sweden. I´m a musician, I play several instruments and sing. I am also a photographer and digital designer. I like to meditate, be with nature and relax but I also like adventure. I´m a vegetarian but most of the time I eat vegan food.

Marcus Grip

Hi, I'm Julia. I'm a singer & songwriter from Sweden. For me music is all about inspiring people around you, creating more joy and harmony in peoples life and to this world. I find your music inspiring for me as an artist. Thank you!