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"Creating a Myspace Niko Fan Profile"


Here are instructions to help you set up your Niko Fan Profile on MySpace. We’re going to explain everything step-by-step and in great detail. If you have ANY questions, please email us

Before we begin, click here to launch Niko’s streaming music player in the background while you read through these lovely instructions and set up your profile! : )



Registering your Profile


Step 1

Go to www.myspace.com and sign up for a new profile. This profile should be a standard personal profile, NOT an artist/music profile and NOT a myspace "fan club" profile (myspace offers something called a "fan club" profile but it will not allow you to send out messages or friend requests).

You will need an email address that is not associated with any other myspace profiles you may have, if you do not have an email address to use then you can set up a free gmail account here. After you have initiated the new myspace profile (chosen a username and password, etc.), you can move on to step 2 …

Step 2

Myspace will ask you to ‘Upload Photo’, skip this step for now. It will ask you to ‘Invite Friends’, skip this too.

Once you are inside looking at your profile, go ahead and verify your account. To verify your account, you will be sent an email. Make sure you check the spam folders in your email, sometimes the messages get sent there. (Note: you cannot send messages and friend requests until you first verify your account, so it’s important that you do this now.)

Next, pick your Myspace Name/URL, it can be whatever you wish. Personally, I chose /becomethesolution


Edit Profile


Step 3

Next, click the ‘Edit Profile‘ link (on your profile home page).

As you will see, there are many sections on the Profile Edit page to fill in (Headline, About Me, I’d Like To Meet, Interests, Music, Films, TV, Books, Heroes). You can enter whatever you wish in these. But keep in mind that the main purpose of this profile is to bring attention to Niko and his music. There are two sections that I’d like to give you some suggestions on and provide content for – the About Me section and the Music section. First, let’s talk about the About Me section…


"About Me"

  • Tell people a little about yourself (you can mention your name and where you live if you wish, it’s totally up to you).
  • Talk about Niko and why you have set up this fan profile, say something about what his music means to you personally. Mention his vision of wanting to share a message of hope and love with the world through his art of music and that he is giving away 20 free mp3s at NikoOnline.com
  • Make it warm, like a conversation
  • Keep it short. You’ve only got someone’s attention for a few seconds
  • Read it and ask yourself, ‘If someone invited me to this page, would I find it interesting? Would I click play?’

Here are a few examples…

Example 1

‘Who am I? A simple girl from the land of the Pharaohs who’s very much the music freak. I dedicate this page to an artist that I love very much and who’s had a great influence on me through his music and writings, and that artist is Niko! I was lucky enough to have him add me up on MySpace, and ever since, some new sensations, some new philosophies have emerged in my life… I leave that to you all to unravel through this page. Enjoy!’



Example 2

‘Hi, my name is Lucy, I am currently studying to become an architect. I love many things about life, but especially art! I’m always on the lookout for cool new music! I recently discovered an artist unlike anyone I have ever known, his name is Niko! I decided to set up a profile dedicated to inviting others to check him out. Niko’s music has moved me more deeply than can be expressed with words. Each of his songs are expressed from the very depths of his soul, filled with passion and emotion, he is a true artist. His dream is to spread a message of Hope and Love to the world. I invite you to take a moment to listen to his songs and watch some of his videos. If you enjoy what you hear, you can download 20 of his songs for free at www.NikoOnline.com. Thanks for your support!’



Example 3

‘Hello. : ) I am Tasha, and I created this page because I want you to see there is a musician who’s real in this world. His name is Niko, and his music is flawless. I had the privilege of finding Niko on Myspace, and since then, my life has changed dramatically. You too, should be able to experience this.’



Example 4

Hey guys! I created this page simply for the benefit of others, man. We all need to know of real music, from a true musician. One named Niko. : ) Aren’t you sick of fake music? People are making a mockery out of my favorite thing! Music is SO important! I’ve often wondered what has happened to anything real… Everything seems fake now-a-days. There seemed to be a time when I could turn on the radio and not hear a "I’m only in this for fame, obviously" sound, now I don’t even want to turn on the radio! I wasn’t really into downloading, so I was stuck with watered down music for a long time. I thought it was a lost cause to find authentic music… until someone introduced me to Niko! He is so REAL! A TRUE artist! I have felt his music in ways I had never known I could before! Can’t afford to buy CD’s? Well, guess what Niko’s doing? Giving away 20 of his songs! ABSOLUTELY FREE! Real+FREE=duuuude, you’ve got to check him out. www.NikoOnline.com! Ya dig?



"About Me" 

Paste this code into your "About Me" section, below your words.
It will add a Music Player, Fan Collector, Slideshow and more to your page!






Paste this code into your "Music" section
It will add 4 of Niko’s music videos to your page! : )





Account Settings


Step 4

The streaming music player that you added in Step 3 does not auto start and cannot be programmed to auto start. If you would like to have Niko’s music playing on your page right when someone arrives (which is suggested), follow these simple steps…

  1. Go to Niko’s myspace page www.myspace.com/nikoonline and click the ‘Add’ button to the right of the song title (each song has its own Add button) of the song you want playing on your page when someone arrives
  2. Next, return to your profile home page and click the ‘Account Settings’
  3. Then, click on ‘Miscellaneous’ and PUT A CHECK MARK in the box that says "Auto-start my profile music player"
  4. That’s it, your all set! : )

There are many other settings tabs on the Account Settings page, feel free to look through them and adjust everything to your personal liking.


Upload / Change Photos


Step 5

Click the ‘Upload / Change Photos’ link (on your profile home page). If you wish, you can upload a few personal photos (of yourself, pets, nature, etc.).

How you set your default picture is up to you, it can be a personal photo or a photo of Niko. Many use a photo of Niko. If you decide to use a photo of Niko, here are 4 to choose from (the dimensions have been resized so it fits perfectly as a default pic)…


(RIGHT CLICK on the photo and choose ‘Save Image As’
Save it to your hard drive then upload it to your profile.)

Niko   Niko


Other Account Options


Step 6

For all the other options on your profile home page (Add / Change Videos, Manage Calendar, Manage Blog and Manage Address Book), you can do as you wish. My only suggestion is that you consider adding in one or two of your favorite writings by Niko. For example, I added the "Pursue Your Dream" writing from his personal blog at www.nikoonline.com/blog


Profile Layout / Background


Step 7

There are many sites on the internet where you can get layouts to give your myspace page some style. Here’s one I use all the time…

  1. Go to http://skem9.com/layouts/browse-1
  2. Pick a category (girly, abstract, love, etc.)
  3. Scroll through and look for layouts you like… underneath the picture, select "preview" to see how it will look on your page
  4. If you like the layout, go to the top right hand side of the page and copy the code that is in the box (highlight the text, RIGHT click then choose "copy")
  5. Go to www.myspace.com, login, and beside your picture click the "Edit Profile" link
  6. In the "About Me" section, RIGHT click in the white area and then choose "Paste"
  7. Click "Save all changes"
  8. After it has saved, view your page. See if you like it. If not, repeat these 8 steps with a different layout.
  9. Don’t get frustrated if it takes a little time to find something you like, there have been times when I went through 10 different layouts before I finally found the perfect one! :)

If you need help, don’t hesitate to write and ask questions


CONGRATULATIONS!!! Your profile setup is complete!
The next step is spreading the word…



Sending Messages and Friend Requests


Step 8

  • ALWAYS send a Friend Request with every message you send out. Each person who accepts your friend request will automatically subject their friends to see your profile photo on their page and thus bring you more visitors to your page.
  • Invite everyone you know to check out your Niko page! Then invite people you don’t know. Be selective in who you send   messages and friend requests too and you’ll have a much higher acceptance rate (mine is at 80%).
  • We suggest sending out at least 10 messages/requests each day. If you don’t have time to send that many, we understand and are thankful for any amount you can send. Personally, I send out 40 to 50 each day.
  • note: sometimes a person’s privacy settings only allows you to send a friend request or a message and not both, sometimes neither. This is normal.

What should I write in my message?

  1. Greet them by name, when possible. (example: Hey Susan!)
  2. Be enthusiastic!
  3. Relate with them. Say something personal about them/their profile that you like (their personality, pics, choice of music, philosophy, etc.). The more you CONNECT with them, the more attention they will give to your invitation! Here are some examples…

    "I really enjoy your profile song, I love (name the band) too!"
    "We enjoy the same movies! I really like (movie title) too!"
    "I really like your outlook on life, I feel the same way about (repeat a phrase they said)!"

  4. Introduce yourself. Tell them about Niko and how you feel about his music.
  5. Make sure you mentioned NikoOnline.com and the fact that Niko is giving away free music on his website.

Here are a few examples of very effective messages…

Example 1

Hey Alexandara, I can tell you are a real, down to earth person. I love meeting people like you! My name is Tasha and I am SO excited to tell as many people as I can about my newest discovery! Niko: the true artist and creator of pure heartfelt sound. What should you expect to hear in his music? Passion… Heart and Soul… Inspiration… The things that make us feel alive! I know there are a lot of bogus spam emails going around myspace lately, I can assure you that this email is REAL. (just like Niko) ; )

I am putting my time and energy into this, not because I am selling a product, but because I genuinely enjoy the music and love the artist. My life has been changed in many positive ways by his real sound and inspiring words.. Every person deserves the opportunity to hear about Niko, I truly believe that with everything in me. So check out his music here or visit his site NikoOnline.com and download 20 of his songs, absolutely free!

Have a truly blessed day!

P.S. I sent you a friend request, I hope you’ll join my page, that would be awesome! :D


Example 2

Hey Katie, I can tell by your pictures that you are a chick who digs real music… I am the same way. Well I found the answer: Niko, the true artist and creator of pure heartfelt sound. I am putting my time and energy into this, not because I am selling a product, but because I genuinely enjoy the music and love the artist. Also, I know how much I was changed for the better, because of his real sound and words.. Everyone deserves the opportunity to know about Niko.

If you are into real, and not so much fake, or if you simply love music and intelligent writings, visit Niko’s website, www.NikoOnline.com He’s giving away free music, podcasts, inspiring blogs, etc. It is truly an opportunity to experience something life changing and worthwhile. Thanks for reading and may God bless your day.


P.S. I sent you a friend request! :)


Example 3

Hi Alyssa!

It’s awesome that you love to sing. I love singing as well. Since you love to sing, I’m sure you love music. :) Well recently I discovered an amazing musical artist and I am out here inviting people to come and listen to some of his songs on my profile. I have a streaming music player and some of his videos that are really cool. What’s really cool about this artist is that he is giving away his music for FREE. 20 of his songs are available to download for FREE. I couldn’t believe it when I saw it. Well check him out and let me know how you like his music. I absolutely love his songs, I hope you will to.

Let me know…and have fun. Hope to hear from you.

~Lucy :)

P.S. I just sent a friend request."


Example 4

Hey Morgan!

Wow, I read about you and you won’t believe how much we have in common. I also love creating beautiful things, traveling, I love to draw and paint. Writing is beautiful that’s the only gift that I don’t have unfortunately. But God has given each and every one of us special gifts and that’s why we’re unique. Recently I discovered a very talented musical artist and fell in love with his songs. I’m inviting you to check out my profile to listen to some of his songs and watch some of his videos. You will no doubt enjoy it. Here is the best part, his giving away 20 of his songs for free on his webpage. I hope you enjoy what you hear and please let me know.

I would love to hear from you.

~Lucy :)

P.S. I just sent a friend request. Let’s be friends! :)


Example 5

Hey Karine!

Yes, I agree, Armenia is a beautiful country! I just came across your profile totally by accident. I’m glad I did, because I would like to invite you to check out an amazing musical artist on my profile that I recently discovered. Since you enjoy music, I’m positive that you will enjoy his music without a doubt. I have some of his songs and videos for you to check out. Right now he’s giving away 20 FREE MP3’s on his webpage. His music is very powerful and has changed me forever. I hope you enjoy what you hear and please let me know how you like it.

I hope to hear from you soon,



P.S. I just sent a friend request. Let’s be friends!!!

P.P.S. I can’t wait to visit Armenia as soon as possible.





Post comments to those who accept your friend requests. Here are a  few examples….

Example 1

Thanks for accepting my friend request and for your support of Niko! Sign up on his email list and he’ll keep you updated on new music, concerts and other exciting news!

To all of your friends, BE SURE to download 20 FREE MP3’s of Niko’s music at www.NikoOnline.com!

Also, you can check out Niko’s official Myspace page at www.myspace.com/nikoonline He’s truly a beautiful person. A voice of hope and love.

Have a beautiful day!



Example 2

Thanks for adding me! Hopefully you have checked out my page! If not, I’d like to let you know what my page is all about. Music! Niko’s music! Ever heard of him?? You are missing out if you have never visited his website, www.NikoOnline.com We invite you to consider downloading 20 FREE mp3s and also reading his truly inspiring blogs! : ) His music will change you… I believe you won’t be able to stop listening to the music on his streaming player! C’mon, give it a try! I know you’ll like it!



Example 3

Thanks for the add! I appreciate that you have taken interest in my page. Did you visit Niko’s website? I have set up this profile for that reason alone! Trust me when I say you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity. Imagine a bunch of people getting together and taking ACTION to change this world… Imagine people across the globe releasing their hidden feelings through one of Niko’s songs… Imagine them becoming a new person on that very day… Well it isn’t an illusion… it is reality! Please join me at www.NikoOnline.com!

Have a good one!




Post bulletins from both your fan profile and your personal myspace profile telling all your friends about the new Niko profile you have created.


Example 1 (bulletin to send from your personal profile)

Hey guys! I have just created a Niko fan page! Check it out! (__add page URL here__) Not only will you have the chance to download 20 free mp3’s, you will walk away a changed person… Come find out what all the hype is about! :D

Have a wonderful day!!
Your friend,



Example 2 (bulletin to send from your Niko fan profile)

Hey man! I have been inspired to post this bulletin for you today! Maybe you are going through a heartache in your life right now, a pain that you cannot shake… maybe you just need your soul to be refreshed! Well I have the solution for you! 2 teaspoons full of Niko! :D Listen to the song “Love” below on his music player. It will brighten your day, guaranteed!

<insert ReverbNation player code>

To receive this song and many more available for download, please visit www.nikoonline.com

May you be inspired! : )


Promotion Tips:


1. It’s a good idea to have a picture and a brief description of yourself on your Niko profile. Doing this will cause others to feel more comfortable when visiting.

2. Post comments and bulletins from YOUR personal (separate from fan page) myspace profile telling all your friends about the new Niko profile you have created.

3. After you have introduced your fan profile to all your friends, then start to look for new friends by clicking the "Browse" link. Set your browse criteria to bring back people you feel will be interested in your page. Also, you can find new friends by visiting other profiles. For example, visit the myspace page of other musical artists that remind you of Niko and invite their friends to check out your page (you already know they like music, you already know they will like Niko’s style of music, etc.). Or, go to Oprah Winfrey’s myspace page and invite some of her friends to check out your Niko page, I think most all of them would appreciate Niko!

4. When you are searching for new people to invite to your page, look at the photo closely, look for a face that you feel some kind of connection with. Use your intuition. Open up there profile and read a little about them, if you still feel a connection, send them a message!

5. Don’t forget to send a friend request to all that you send a message to.
Check your profile each day for newly added friends, and then send them a comment!
Here is the HTML code you will send in each message, it is a direct link to Niko’s website:

<a href="http://nikoonline.com" target="_blank">NikoOnline.com</a>


Frequently Asked Questions:


Q. Can my profile be totally dedicated to Niko without any mention of myself?
A. Yes. Here is an example: http://www.myspace.com/number1nikofan

Q. Can I create a profile revealing a different side of Niko, such as the lighter side, a mystical side, or the darker edgy side?
A. Yes. This is great for reaching a certain type of crowd – be it rockers, average everyday people, or happy bubbly ones! Here is an example of a page displaying the edgy side: http://www.myspace.com/number2nikofan

Q. Where can I get individual pictures of Niko (not part of a slideshow) to use on my page?
They can be found at: http://s236.photobucket.com/albums/ff157/nikoonline
(note: There are sub albums for background images, album covers, and song pictures. You will see the sub albums near the top. When selecting a photo, copy the HTML code underneath and place it anywhere into your profile.)

Q. How do I make my myspace music player play automatically when someone visits my page?
A. Click the ‘Account Settings’ link (on your profile home page). Click on ‘Miscellaneous’ and PUT A CHECK MARK in the box that says ‘Auto-start my profile music player.’

Q. No one is accepting my friend requests or replying to my messages, what should I do?
It is perfectly normal for people to not reply and not accept friend requests. If this is happening a lot, maybe you should try changing your approach. Your message might be too spammy. Try rewording it, then test it to see if you get better results.

Q. I am not sure what to write in the About Me section, or in a message, help?
A. Okay, if your English isn’t the best, or you aren’t the best at writing in general, collect main ideas on a list that you would like to add in a message or in the About Me section, and send the list to me. I can write out a message for you that flows nicely. But I will say, if you are from another country, go to ‘browse’ and set the options to find people from your country. Feel free to use your language to write messages. This is a global vision. Nothing has to be in English. : )


Still have a question that isn’t addressed here? Just ask! : )