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Pursue Your Dream (Part I)

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The writings I share with you are born out of my personal journey and experiences. My hope is that you will somehow find encouragement in what I share, that it will inspire you to… Pursue Your Dream! ~ Niko

Pursue Your Dream

I encourage you to pursue your dream. Each of us has a free will and the capacity and power to follow after our dream. Most don’t because it usually comes at such a high cost. For some, it has even cost them their lives. But what is life if one does not pursue their God given dream? That unquenchable thing that burns deep within you? I would rather die in pursuit of my passion than to exist in this life doing something that makes me feel miserable and incomplete.

My Personal Journey
Pursuing my dream has required me to remain single thus far. It has required me to make choices about material possessions vs. investing in my dream. It has required just about every single waking minute of the past 11 years of my life and literally hundreds of sleepless nights. It has brought me to my knees weeping on many occasions, crying out to God for strength, courage, patience and wisdom. It has required me to venture into the unknown. To move to places I had never been, starting fresh and new. It has required faith to move mountains, hope to believe for the impossible, humility of a child, a willingness to be teachable to change many things about my perspective and my life – from my diet and social life to my spirituality. It has required me to learn many new skills, some of which have taken years to master and some of which will take many more. It has required me to hold on even when people around me thought I was wrong and even crazy. It has often times required me to disregard my present circumstances and to keep on believing even in the face of absolute contradiction.

Pursing your dream is to pursue your passion which is to pursue your destiny! To achieve your destiny is to fulfill your purpose for being here. To fulfill your purpose is to honor God and God’s hope for your life. To honor God with your life each day is the noblest thing you can do, it is the highest form of worship and reverence you can give.

Motivated by Love
One’s dream should always be motivated by love. Anything less, is tainted with selfishness and is not pure. There are no exceptions. To pursue a dream that is rooted in selfishness is not a “true” dream, and the end result will not bring contentment and fulfillment in your life. It will leave you wanting, with a feeling of emptiness. A true dream is a dream that God has placed inside of you, such a dream is always pure and perfect. It is directly linked to the way you are wired, the way you tick, the way your mind works, your personality type, it is linked to the time of the year you were born and even the day, the minute and the second! It is linked to the unique set of gifts that are in you.

And we all have this – we all have a dream inside, we all have a unique set of gifts, we all have a purpose and a destiny. We all have the capacity to walk in love and to live a daily life of thought and action that is based in love. We all can pursue our dream. The only person who can stop you is you. You are your worst enemy. But the good news is that you are also your best friend! You possess the power to be one or the other, you decide in each moment.

Each Day
We are confronted with lies, fear, control and manipulation on a daily basis. That is why each day we must renew our hearts and minds of the truth – that we have a free will and that we can pursue our dream, that we are gifted and unique, and that we can walk in love and fulfill our destiny. It does not happen on its own though. It requires letting go – of pride, selfish desires, judgment, prejudice… It requires forgiving those who have done us wrong, a willingness to give, a willingness to be accountable for our actions, a willingness to seek the heart of God.

Your dream will always be linked to giving in some shape or form for giving is what life is all about. It is not money that makes the world go round, my friend, it is giving! Who paid for the sun to shine today? And for the oxygen in the air? These are gifts. Take giving out of the equation of life and everything would cease to exist. A mother gives to her newborn or else it could not survive, a father gives to his son by preparing him for manhood so that he will not become a fool and a thief, a friend gives to a friend to lift them up and bless them, a stranger gives to a beggar out of compassion because in their heart they know it could just as well be them on the cold street with no home or food. God gives us seasons and the laws of nature so that food will grow and so that everything can survive and flourish.

And take a moment to look at the intricate details of your hand, the way it works, your fingers and all the joints that move to grab and hold things and how it is all linked to your brain so that you can control it, a masterfully designed gift from God! Who among us paid money for our eyes and ears? Something we cannot even put a price tag on was GIVEN to us while we were in our mother’s womb! Before we could ever even think to work to earn them!  A gift! In this manner, our true dream will always be linked to giving.

That does not mean your dream will not bring you wealth, in many cases one’s dream will in fact bring great wealth but you should always remember that great wealth is not for you to hoard up, it is given to you so that you can give to others, so that they can in turn give to others. The film “Pay It Forward” presented such a great principle to live by, I love that film. If you haven’t seen it, watch it, it presents this whole concept of giving in the most compelling and heart touching way.

Be True To Yourself!
This is one of the core foundational principles I encourage people to live by. If you cannot be true to yourself then you will live a lie. If you live a lie then you will NEVER be happy or satisfied in life. Ask yourself, “Who am I?” If you don’t have an answer, then begin the journey of seeking and searching it out. One way to find out who you are is to first find out who you are not! Get out a piece of paper and make two columns, start narrowing it down. If it takes you a month or a year or 10, the day you find the answer will be one of the most liberating moments of your life! You will most likely discover that you are not who everyone else said you were. Everyone has their opinion and idea but what everyone else thinks means nothing! It’s YOUR life and only YOU really know the answer!

If Einstein would have listened to his teachers, he might have never discovered his genius. If the Wright Brothers would have listened to their critics, they would have never flown! If I would have taken over the family business like a good little boy then I would be managing restaurants right now instead of composing music that is being enjoyed and celebrated around the world! So, turn down the noise, get rid of all the distractions and unnecessary obligations in your life (that can be bad relationships, bad habits, etc.), find a quiet place all alone and look deep within yourself. Get face to face with the divine and it is there you will find the answer. (This writing is split into two blog entries, scroll down to read the rest of it!)

(continued in Part II below)

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    Niko, you have an amazing gift with your music and poetry… Human love mirrors Divine love, and that love is the way to God… I feel the music of your soul…May you continue to awaken this universe to higher states of Unity Counsciousness…Many Blessings and Infinite love…Jules.

  2. Good morning beautiful one, I am always amazed by your wisdom even in word that is an entire song in itself. You are soooo right, and our God is honored by your writings. You make me soar like an eagle, and God supplies all my needs through Christ Jesus. He is Holy and deserves to be praised! Thank you Niko my brother may God enrich your life everyday that you live! Love and Blessings abundant,

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    Amazing! I love reading you blog. it’s a true inspiration.

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    Thanks so much for the blog. Today it speaks so much. As I woke up and thought about pursuing my dream I find this blog in my email. It has inspired me to push forward. I have also passed it on to my teenagers who need to be inspired. Thank you for your music and also the blog. It is truly wonderful.

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    I just want to say that out of all your blogs, this one seems to speak to me most. This writing inspires me to do what I should have done a long time ago… Listen to my dreams, my heart, my soul. Thank you

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    Hello! They are good terms and of course God created us what we become as who we are! :) I am going to keep up my dreams :)


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    So you pretty much already know I love your writings and your insight, but still this is beautiful and inspiring! You are a true gift! May God continue to bless you! You’re amazing my friend! Thank you for sharing yourself with us!

  8. I’m trying to find who I am and my dream and have the courage to pursue it. Thank you.

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    robin franks

    Hi Nikko
    I love all you write about my life has been one thing after another i will be glad when we make satan our footstool and get raptured
    God bless you and keep writing
    you say alot of what us “normal” people feel but can not express
    i love to write too and draw
    i hope one day not to be single too ….mine is a choice but lately it sucks i was married to a abusive man that left me paralyzed with 4 kids but God got the final glory and i was healed 9 years ago i can walk but with pain i try not to complain cause i am so happy i can walk god bless you

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    Angelina Williams

    Thank you so much Niko,for that blog.Everything you wrote touched me,and came at just the right time in my life.I am now beggining to follow my dreams,and look foward to great happiness.As you said to give is a great thing,as god gave us our lives.THE BEST THINGS IN LIFE ARE FREE.May god be with you.Love Angelina

  11. avatar

    I was almost crying when I read this.. :) it’s so inspiring. Blessings!

  12. avatar

    This is sooo touching. I am glad that you trust God with your decisions and life. I also trust him with mine.

  13. Your wonderful testimony is on it’s way through all of Herbalife Independent Distributors because of the inspiration that it contains. We believe in YOU!

  14. avatar

    Thanks for the blog. I love your story I hope I can
    follow my dreams.I talk to God all the time to help
    and guide me but something I don’t think he hear.but
    reading your blog I’ll keeping going. thank’s

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    BΑΣΙΛΗΣ (Billmg81)

    Niko Hello from rainy Greece – Athens! You are amazing my friend. Great singer,writer,poet but most of all a real person. You are a true inspiration! Thank you

  16. i love your blog! full of wisdom and self-assesment. goodluck niko!

  17. avatar

    Aloha Niko! Its just me SassyGurl also known as Sweetie just got to tell you that i love your writings. Keep up that special talent you got. Best wishes to you. ~~Jus lil o’ me “SassyGurl”

  18. Hello Dearest one,

    I must let you know how God has put you in my life.
    I was married, yet He wanted a younger girl. I am fifty two. Yet, the other day? I called him, and asked for his forgiveness. He did. I know God has greater things in store for my life. I must find out who/what I am about: Since my Ex. was so verbally, emotionally, psychologically abusive. Yet, here I am happy, content, and searching for what God wants me to do for him. Thank you so much for sharing your gift with so many. I sent page one to my Oldest Daughter who is also a Christian. God Bless you, Niko

  19. avatar

    Amazingly beautiful!! I read this and kept thinking…this is how I think, but do not know how to say it so beautifully as you have. Mother Teresa…wow that blew me away when I read that…that is my “role model”. Selfless, humble, compassionate, giving. You truly touch my heart in your writings! It is weird to read things like I think, but it is you writing them. May we all be blessed in our journies and be able to know and work on our purposes. I know I have a good friend in you and together people like us will make that difference that this world needs. Let our light shine!!

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    Nice blog!!!Hold your dream and you are now a success!

  21. avatar

    Niko, that’s really great. I’ve been feeling down for some time recently and you really and literally lift me up!
    Muchas gracias :)

  22. Niko, This is just absolutely divine. How beautiful, in the way you can showcase what is most important, in our lives.
    Thank you for sending out the email, and for what you wrote. We all need reminding once in awhile. Bless you , for your insight. I’ve re’discovered, and put God back into my life 4 years ago, Thanks to discovering Clay Aiken, and seeing his unabashed love for God, and his determination to keep God in the forefront of his lifes’ decisions. I will be forever grateful to this young man, for his choices.

  23. thnx….too u niko its me alex..im ur mailmeet…str3et_dance@yahoo.com

    thnx for my Pursue Your Dream….

  24. Why am I the only one digging it. If each of you pressed the digg it symbol, that would be 23, at least, more people coming to this sight and learning about a great Christian and Artist, NIKO!

  25. avatar

    I’ve tried several times to “digg it”, but have been unsuccessful with the registration process. Hopefully, people will be able to tell by our comments that we very much dig the blogs!

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    Panos Lingos

    Με συγχωρεις που στο λεω… αλλα αν οι γονεις μου ειχαν αλυσιδα εστιατοριων τοτε θα ειχα και εγω την ανεση να λεω τετοιες ωραιες φιλοσοφιες “εκ του ασφαλους”.

    Φιλε δεν θα τα ελεγες αυτα αν ειχες αποτυχει σαν μουσικος. Αν ειχες αποτυχει θα ειχες την ευκολια να πας στα εστιατορια που εχουν οι γονεις σου. Ειχες και εχεις ακομα “πλατες” να τα λες αυτα τα “κομψα” λογια που συγκινουν τις κοπελιτσες.
    Αυτα τα ωραια λογια πες τα σε εναν φτωχο που δεν εχει να φαει και δεν ξερει αν η επομενη μερα “ξημερωσει” γιαυτον… να δουμε τι θα σου απαντησει.

    Ολες αυτες οι φιλοσοφιες δυστοιχως δεν “στεκουν” στην κοινωνια εξω. Για αλλους ισως ισχυουν αλλα οχι για ολους, δυστοιχως.

  27. very interesting. i’m adding in RSS Reader

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    Sonja Wells

    Niko, your written thoughts inspired me to write mine:

    Just Be

    Room full of strangers, you’re feeling alone, trying to fit in, wishing you were home
    Unsure what to say, how to act, how to please; remember these words………just be.

    You don’t have to strive to impress anyone; be kind, show interest, laugh, and have fun
    For the best way to show who you are inside is to let yourself forward; don’t hide….just be.

    The effort it takes to be yourself is less than if you try to be somebody else. Don’t try to be someone you’re not,
    Such a simple concept, but so often forgot….just be.

    So wake up! Get out! Go forward with life, ready to conquer each trial, each strife
    There’s a Guide for us all if we follow His lead, and we can’t go wrong if we believe…. just be.
    Sonja Wells


  30. Great article.

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