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My Song

Filed under: Music, News - admin on December 4th, 2012

I'm happy to tell you that I finally have a new song for you to listen to, it's called "My Song" : )

You can listen to the song here…

download My Song by Niko  Click here to download it for free!

From my journal in 2004…
"Xris and I were driving across Okracoke island (a small island on the outer banks of North Carolina) trying to catch the 9pm ferry to Hatteras island where our motel was. I looked over at Xris and said what has now become one of our favorite quotes of all time… “Well, worse case scenario, we will write one song.” Sure enough we missed the ferry and now you get to enjoy the one song, My Song." 

November 2012…
I finally got around to recording "My Song"! It's the first song I've worked on since 2008. With this track I can now officially say "Welcome back Melodic Warrior, nice to see you again my old friend". It's been several years since I felt the creative spirit channel through me as it did in this piece. The lyric content is prophetic, its the perfect song to be working on as I enter back into the world of music. "…now I'm moving on because now I found my song…" 

You can download the song here for free. Please share it with all your friends!  

Share your thoughts here in my blog or if you wish you can drop me a line at niko@nikoonline.com  



Dancin' 'cross the sky, she caught my eye, changed my mind
Lips that spoke the truth, revealed the lies of all these times
Now I'm movin' on because now I found my song
Now I know the truth, ever since I met you

Singing lullabies, I realized… tomorrow 
Washed away my pain, dried my tears and sorrow
Now I'm movin' on because now I found my song
Now I speak the truth, ever since I kissed you

Now I'm movin' on because now I found my song
Now I see the truth, ever since I loved you
download My Song by Niko  Click here to download it for free!

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    I really liked this song. Remind me the old (new) Niko. The man that was melodic warrior, the man that believed in something different for the world , the man that had done the advertisement “Joy”, the man who created music, like “Love”… I am so happy and very proud for you. Keep walking…

    I’m very excited…. I love you!!!


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    I’m so happy for you you found your Warrior within is still very much alive,
    from what I hear in your song he has renewed himself, I heard a new Niko, older, more experienced.

    Love the song, have to hear it some more, but I think fans will be pleasantly surprised. Beautiful in its simplicity!


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    Thanks for the new song Niko. I do like it . It is good to see that you are back to making music again. David

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    Very lovely, my friend…………..I can sense the release and freedom in your spirit. Love the way God works, he placed you on my heart this morning before and during my drive to work. A true gift, let us claim our joy! I can relate in finding my song, my joy, my light-the presence of love that has been there all along…………………………Truth speaks to me, the words of the Almighty speak Truth, Love, Light and those who choose to walk the path follow Truth…………….and those that do not choose to live in the darkness and hide behind lies.

    peace and light,

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    Niko i just came home of my school in Dortmund. I heard your new song when i got up in the morning. I really like it very much!! I was hearing the song on my way to school. I have heard it many times. I like very much the lyrics and the beautiful melodie. I am very happy for you that you do things that makes you happy and you are back in music. Many kisses!


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    I am so happy for u…you came back!

    I missed your voice, a voice full of feelings!
    so,about your songs, I have been listening your song for 20 min now.
    I like the way you change your voice and i love the new sound!
    1:14 you change the song and its fantastic!
    I need to read the lyrics so I can feel it better.
    bravo Niko mou!

    Nikoletta in Greece

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    This song is special Niko.. no doubt.. divine even. There is a reason for the timing, I feel it. I feel your heart very strongly in this one!


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    Welcome back Melodic Warrior!

    I immediately sang along again. Ah – all the memories of that moment and the time on the Hatteras Islands and especially Ocrakoke came back right away. Andrea sang along too by the way.

    Worst case scenario, we wrote a song! ha ha

    Good stuff Niko.

    It was a truly creative time during road-tripping around as recall.

    Greetz from Salzburg.


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    I really appreciate n love this song. It’s marvelous and amazing! Keep running!


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    We really missed you , i am so happy for you , you are so talented and you deserve the best :) !!!!!

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    Hello, received the e-mail and just come to check it out.
    Good one! Well done! :-)

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    Seams you felt in love…?! ;) Very good work! Thks for sharing it once again! Congrats and greetings from Portugal! :)

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    Aloha and mahalo Niko, awesome song. Welcome back my friend. Blessings to you!!

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    It reminds me some songs of Pink Floyd at the beginning ! I like it !

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    Astrid Mathiasen

    Thank you very much for the song, I Like it very much – very relaxing listening ;-)
    You are so good, I Love your music.


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    This is a wonderful song! So happy to hear that phenomenal voice of yours doing a new song!

    my facebook-Etty Avroya Negrin
    do u have facebook????

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    Absolutely beautiful!!!

  19. Good to have you back and thanks for this sweet song !
    I have enjoyed it !
    With love ..
    Tree Teardrop

  20. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Lovely song, Nike! Many thanks for free download!

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    Thanks for sharing your new song. It’s so great!!! And I love it!!!

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    Diana Prieto.

    Hello, it’s great to hear one of your songs again.

    I hope you have a great weekend :)

  24. good night ,
    at the first you’r song word is good but wish you dont get angry
    but the musice is not good as the word
    but wish you the best at the last
    thenx & regard
    cairo – egypt

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    Ashley Bowen

    OK, Let me just be frank. Your song SUCKS!!!! Too much Techno attributed to the lyrics. you need to tone it WAY down. Retweek the song better or maybe altogether go completely acoustic. Good lyrics; bad music. All I’m saying is I’ve heard better is all. Sorry!

    • avatar

      If it was all acoustic then it would sound like countless other songs out there, the electronic elements gives this piece a nice shift. Also the other reason I chose to include electronic elements is because the song is about finding “my song” and the truth is that I very much love music with electronic elements (both for listening and for composing) and I plan to release much more music in this direction. I understand it’s not your cup of tea, not all art will be beautiful to all people. Thank you for checking it out though, that’s how we find new things that we enjoy. When I go to the grocery store, I will often times pick up one item I have never tried before, most of the time it’s a disaster but sometimes it turns out to be a new favorite. ~ Niko @ Ashley Bowen

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    Esther S

    Niko: congratulations and thank you for sharing your song.

    I see a deep evolution to introspection perhaps, to a new psicodelia with the more genuine rock influence. It remains Genesis, Led Zeppelin… 60s movements on contemporary form. Disagree with denara from cairo, I think your music has evoluted a lot from melodic and technical points of view.

    Huge hugs.

    • avatar

      Thank you for your thoughts Esther. Good observations. : ) I too feel like my music has evolved much. One thing I love about this song is that it has elements of surprise, as the song moves so does the emotion… and I really love the electronic synth bridge because it seemingly comes out of nowhere and is not predictable. And I very much like the way the song ends on a gentle yet confident note.

  27. It does sound alot like Pink Floyd at the beginning and seems to change a fair bit during the song but I like it, lots of potential.

    You have had a very long journey these past few years my friend, as have I. Projects come and go just like people and although many projects and relationships might fail; one thing I have learned all these years is that the actual journey itself is far more important than the arrival.

    Love “Fly Away”, very nice song!

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    Thank’s for the song,is nice of you, Within the song it has a story that relate into a reality and many more. I like. Take Care

  29. avatar
    Kellie Wilson

    I loved your song and found it to relaxing and rejuvenating! I will share your site with all my FB friends!!!! I think your great Nick would love to hear more of your music!

  30. avatar

    Thanks for the song, and Thanks your’e back!! XX

  31. avatar

    Que dire de plus ! magique ! envoûtant ! sensuel !
    Toujours cette voix qui nous transporte dans un monde rempli de grâce, de douceur, de rêveries !
    Depuis quelques années déjà je te suis car ta musique est mon fil conducteur !
    Bravo à toi et enchantes nous toujours et encore !

  32. avatar


    Je préfère ce style de musique, “My song” est tout simplement magnifique.
    Merci pour ce partage et bonne continuation

  33. avatar
    Esther S

    Completely agree. Your music improves to a more profound intimate and emotional point.

  34. avatar

    Again… I really like it.

  35. avatar

    Thank you for the new song!And thank you for your coming back!!!And I love this song!!!

  36. avatar

    welcome back

    nice song My Song

    fan from Philippines :)

  37. avatar
    Helle Dahl Jørgensen

    Thanks for the song. I really like it and have listened to it several times.

  38. avatar

    Oh, Niko!
    what a lovely song…you’ve made me traveling with your voice…
    keep on the good work Niko, cheersss!!!

  39. avatar

    Hi Niko, This is Margo from Nashville. I’ve missed you! Always love your music. This new one is very special and it touches my heart, just like all of your songs, in a very special way. I also love the new additions (synthesizer and more falsetto). Excellent!! Keep it coming, Niko, and thank you so much for the gifts you give to all of us (“love is like water”). :)

  40. avatar
    Rebecca Grant

    “My Song” immediately became a favorite! Thanks Niko!

    Peace and blessings to you always,

  41. avatar

    Glad you’re back. keep it going bro. :)

  42. avatar

    you came back!! hell yeah!!
    love this song.. and now, your song is “my song” too ;)

  43. avatar

    Hi Niko really great song and good story covering it.
    Sometimes we forget great things come from small beginnings.
    Also I have a new email address; it is arehte@gmail.com it is on my new notebook and I can access this in most places now

  44. avatar
    Rodger Ashton-Smith

    Something went strange before

  45. avatar

    I’m so happy to have a new song from my best singer ;)

    Congratulations my dear

  46. avatar

    Keep walking mate… That’s nice one, nice to hear your voice again with something new.

  47. Dear Niko,


    I lost your information for a long time.
    Thank you for your message and nice song.
    Your song lets me feel warm.
    It is so well, I like it so much.

    Welcome to Taiwanese Website
    Please support the Democratic of Taiwan to help Taiwanese form the evil Republic of China controlling.

    Thank you so much.

    Have a good day.
    God bless you.

    Kueiying Tu

  48. Hey Niko….. nice to see you back.good song tks for shareing it,

  49. Dear Niko,

    Your song feels like a sultry, STELLAR voyage to a new world!

    Se ayai-iw file mou!


  50. avatar

    love it, very good , thank u for sending to me ,, elisavet

  51. avatar

    Niko, so glad to see your writing and singing again. I have missed your emails and posts and especially your music. Love “My Song” so simple and very expressive. Welcome back! Look forward to seeing more of this Niko.

  52. avatar

    It’s been a long long time since i listened to your songs last time, maybe in 2006 when i was a freshman in the college. I even don’t remember how i run into your website. But when i received your email with your new song, i was really thrilled to recall the days when i listened to your songs. Time flies by, we’ve gone through a lot, different experiences though, but i guess both on the way of self enlightenment…

  53. avatar

    Long time no see!
    Great to hear your music again, thanks! :0)
    Have a lovely 2013.
    // Klara, Stockholm

  54. Continue, creativity is with you, greetings happy new year.
    Gio Myart

  55. avatar

    A great job, good music rhythm gently and anger.
    Thank you for always bringing us beautiful music!

    Good luck and best wishes for the year 2013, it brings you all that you wish =)


  56. avatar
    Luiz Sergio

    Beautiful song. Congratulations.

  57. avatar

    Now, you found yourself Niko!

    Well done!Μπράβο σου!

    Keep getting inspired and creating songs like that with this melodic music!

    Keep traveling us with your voice through your songs :)

    Φιλάκια από Ελλάδα – Filakia apo Ellada(=xxx from Greece)

  58. avatar

    I Liked your song.

  59. avatar

    It was good. :) You’ve come a long way from the Manuel Family Band. :)

  60. Hey Niko .

    I love your song here aswell ,excellent voice ,so very pleased to remeet you again ,as I told you I miss our good old days via Myspace ,where we all where near eachother every day to get in touch one another .

    The other website above in your empty field is another of my Vimeo pages with my Egypt movie I made nov. 2012,maybe in a little pause you like to see and hear ,the backgrown music is from a good old friend of mine for very many years ,who often travels to India aswell.

    Hug Peace and Love for your Road Niko____________Colette


  61. My Egypt Movie from Sinai nov 2012 Link .


    okay …..

  62. Wow really cool Niko , I had to come back for leave another comment ,as I spend now a lovely saturday afternoon to hear all you amazing beautiful songs,really honest I love them all .So well and fine ………..

  63. A round of applause for your post. Much thanks again. Will read on…

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  66. "My Song" is well produced and a nice dynamic mix of music. The singing seems similar to the style of U2, and I mean that as a complement.

    It even sounds better than your rendition of the "Collin Raye – Love Me" at the Beverly Roark marketing banquet.

    Stay happy!

    -Lonnie Best

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