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Drawings Of Niko


I got an email from an artist in Holland who fell in love with my music. She drew two pictures for me, one a portrait and the other a scene inspired by the music video to my song “The Exodus”.

No one has ever drawn me in a portrait before. It’s very interesting to see another artist’s interpretation of me and interpretation of The Exodus.

I am so deeply moved by the drawings that I would like to share them openly.

“…this is my way of supporting your beautiful initiative. It was just a quick sketch coming out while I was watching The Exodus…..it touched my heart very deeply….the music and the atmosphere felt like a deja vu….which I often feel by seeing the pyramids…and also the acropolis makes something move in me. Together with the beautiful music, I started drawing and I could almost feel the heartache and the passion you showed by performing this in the lands of your forefathers. So, I decided to just keep it very natural and only colored the sketch with pastels so I did not change to much of the first impression I got, it was done in about 2 hours I think but it was strange because I totally lost track of time and was just lost in the drawing….it was a nice experience…” – Crystal of Zeist, Holland





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