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Lost Memories


A friend forwarded this video to me today, it's titled "Lost Memories". Makes quite a statement. 

Let us never forget what is most important – it is not money or possessions or status or achievements or virtual friends or knowlege or inteligence. All of these things pass away. It is not even our own selves. It is our connection to others and most importantly our connection to God (or whatever you choose to call the creator/giver/sustainer of life). 

In my last moments of life, I will not be thinking about how many photos I took or how many fans I have on facebook or how much money I have… and my guess is that neither has or does anyone else, in that moment I feel we will all think about what REALLY matters – LOVE, LIFE, ETERNITY. And we will each have that moment, so it's best if we live a life of love NOW so that in that moment we will smile and have peace.


Who are you in stillness


A few days ago, I thought to myself "Who are you in stillness?" When there is no noise or distractions around you, no voices telling you this and that, no pressure from your boss or peers or teachers or ANY person. Who are YOU really? You know the answer better than anyone around you ever will, no one is you or ever will be you, no one will ever live in your skin and no one can die in it. So, be still and KNOW who you are then BE who you are. Let go of all the things that society says you should be, disconnect from people who are pushing you into a direction that is not you, come face to face with God and see the truth. If you are not being true to yourself and that which you were created and gifted to do then you will always feel empty inside, you will cheat and rob yourself (and others), you will be unhappy in life and you will die with regret. Sounds terrible but it's the truth and it's better to heed it now and endure the pain it will bring for a season than to suffer a lifetime of sorrow for living a lie.

Be one of the "crazy ones" like Mother Teresa, Ghandi, MLK, Edison, Steve Jobs, Jim Hanson, Mozart, Picasso… You!

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