drugs as medicines

Morningland Dairy



If you don't know about the Morningland Dairy story, please google it. I have read the story and watched some youtube videos and the FDA / officials in Missouri did these honest hard working people VERY wrong.

I made a donation to Morningland Dairy today to an official fund that has been set up by supportive friends of the owners/family of Morningland Dairy. My donation will help pay for several pounds of the cheese that was ILLEGALLY thrown into a landfill by government officials in Missouri. If you feel inspired to give something, please do. Even if it's only $5, that will help pay for 1 pound of the cheese that was taken and thrown away.

The truth is this is not about cheese, this is about FREEDOM and it's relevant to every citizen of the United States who values his or her rights. This IS part of the battle we are in now for FREEDOM in our country. It happens right here and now in something as simple as good cheese being illegally thrown away ($250,000 worth, which crushed this small family business). In this case it's the right to grow/buy RAW food (which is how it used to be for as long as mankind has walked this planet up until a few decades ago), but it could just as well be about another one of our freedoms being taken away.

Here is the donation page…


Here is the Morningland Dairy homepage…


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P.S. If you decide to make a donation, be sure to "Like" the donation page to help bring awareness to what is going on.




Nice little cartoon presentation that quickly and clearly shows what GMOs are and why they are dangerous. Share this with others.

Do not buy or eat GMO foods or eat meat from animals that were raised on GMO corn. That is how WE THE PEOPLE can fight back and WIN against big companies like Monsanto and everyone who supports their devious ways. They are only in business and do what they do because people buy their food/products.

My Song


I'm happy to tell you that I finally have a new song for you to listen to, it's called "My Song" : )

You can listen to the song here…

download My Song by Niko  Click here to download it for free!

From my journal in 2004…
"Xris and I were driving across Okracoke island (a small island on the outer banks of North Carolina) trying to catch the 9pm ferry to Hatteras island where our motel was. I looked over at Xris and said what has now become one of our favorite quotes of all time… “Well, worse case scenario, we will write one song.” Sure enough we missed the ferry and now you get to enjoy the one song, My Song." 

November 2012…
I finally got around to recording "My Song"! It's the first song I've worked on since 2008. With this track I can now officially say "Welcome back Melodic Warrior, nice to see you again my old friend". It's been several years since I felt the creative spirit channel through me as it did in this piece. The lyric content is prophetic, its the perfect song to be working on as I enter back into the world of music. "…now I'm moving on because now I found my song…" 

You can download the song here for free. Please share it with all your friends!  

Share your thoughts here in my blog or if you wish you can drop me a line at niko@nikoonline.com  



Dancin' 'cross the sky, she caught my eye, changed my mind
Lips that spoke the truth, revealed the lies of all these times
Now I'm movin' on because now I found my song
Now I know the truth, ever since I met you

Singing lullabies, I realized… tomorrow 
Washed away my pain, dried my tears and sorrow
Now I'm movin' on because now I found my song
Now I speak the truth, ever since I kissed you

Now I'm movin' on because now I found my song
Now I see the truth, ever since I loved you
download My Song by Niko  Click here to download it for free!

Explore The Ocean


I got this graphic in my email about the ocean and I thought it was worth sharing with you…

Explore the Ocean

Drawings Of Niko


I got an email from an artist in Holland who fell in love with my music. She drew two pictures for me, one a portrait and the other a scene inspired by the music video to my song “The Exodus”.

No one has ever drawn me in a portrait before. It’s very interesting to see another artist’s interpretation of me and interpretation of The Exodus.

I am so deeply moved by the drawings that I would like to share them openly.

“…this is my way of supporting your beautiful initiative. It was just a quick sketch coming out while I was watching The Exodus…..it touched my heart very deeply….the music and the atmosphere felt like a deja vu….which I often feel by seeing the pyramids…and also the acropolis makes something move in me. Together with the beautiful music, I started drawing and I could almost feel the heartache and the passion you showed by performing this in the lands of your forefathers. So, I decided to just keep it very natural and only colored the sketch with pastels so I did not change to much of the first impression I got, it was done in about 2 hours I think but it was strange because I totally lost track of time and was just lost in the drawing….it was a nice experience…” – Crystal of Zeist, Holland





I will be performing with my band on Cyprus!


I will be performing with my band on Cyprus! : ) 

When: September 11th at 20:30
Where: Mouttayiaka Ranch, Limassol

Tickets are 20E. For more information, contact…

Ilias Antnviadh
Phone: 99201500
To read more about the event, go here…

Address of venue:

Mouttayiaka Ranch
2 Demokratias Street
Mouttayiaka, Limassol Cyprus
Phone: 99437515

Hope you can make it to the concert, it's gonna be great!



I’m releasing a new album…


Be a part of helping me release my second album, "The Special One"!  Get an autographed limited edition copy mailed to you once it's done!

Click here to learn more…


Thank you for your support!


P.S. Here's what the cover is going to look like…



Patrick Wayne Swayze
(August 18, 1952 – September 14, 2009)
Patrick Swayze

I always felt a connection with Patrick Swayze, perhaps part of it was that he was from Houston (very close to where I grew up). He died thsi week and I feel very sad. I won’t even begin to try to express all the thoughts and feelings I’m having. But I will say… May we enjoy each day for as special as it really is. May we live with no regrets. May we love, feel and give with all of our hearts. And may we be true to who we are and why we are here. Patrick, we will miss you, thank you for all that you gave to us, we will never forget you. Rest in peace.

I invite you to share your thoughts in honor of Patrick.


Indie Artist Niko Defines New Music Biz Model


The following is an international press release that was issued today by Aristo Media in Nashville, Tennessee…

Indie Artist NIKO Defines New Music Biz Model

Forgoes Traditional Label Route, Gives Music Away for Free Online

(Nashville, TN – April 16, 2009)
Indie recording artist Niko Papasideris has chosen to forego the traditional music business model, rejecting a major label deal and opting instead to give away his music online for free.

Known simply as “Niko,” the Greek artist and Nashville resident has posted 20 of the most popular tracks from his four releases at www.NikoOnline.com for free download.

“My vision has always been to make a positive difference in the world through music,” says Niko.  “I decided to remove the biggest obstacle that was keeping the world from hearing my songs – money.”

The international singer has developed an impressive following, particularly overseas in Europe and Asia.  His Myspace page averages nearly 5,000 plays a day www.myspace.com/nikoonline, largely as a result of viral marketing and word of mouth exposure.  The response to his online initiatives has been so encouraging that he recently rejected a major label record deal from Warner Bros. in Greece.

“We were honored to receive an offer from such a prestigious label, but ultimately we felt that the old music business model doesn’t lend itself to a new-millennium artist like Niko,” says Niko’s manager, John Walker.  “So much of his vision revolves around breaking down barriers between artists and fans, and working to develop a new paradigm.”

The prolific artist is currently recording his fifth album, an as-yet-untitled collection of “Newgrass” remixes of new and previously released Niko material.  The project features an array of veteran Nashville musicians: Andy Leftwich and Cody Kilby (Ricky Skaggs), Rob Ickes (Blue Highway, Alison Krauss) and Byron House (Sam Bush), among others.  A number of the new tracks are slated for an early summer release, followed by a European tour.

Niko is currently focusing his marketing efforts overseas in countries like France, Greece, the United Kingdom and China, although he has landed a number of songs in local and national television ads.  His indie hit “The Sun the Moon the Stars” was featured in the national “Star 129” diamond ad campaign, and local Nashville residents will recognize him from the infectious Rivergate Dental “Joy, Joy, Joy” television ad, which has now expanded to a co-op of sedation dentists.

For more information and to download 20 free Niko songs, visit www.NikoOnline.com


Tribute To The Victorian Bushfire Victims


My heart goes out to Australia and the devastation she has endured as a result of the fires. In honor of all those who have died and lost loved ones, I would like to share a free download of a special song titled Love. 


Click the "Share This" button below to share this page with others or email this link http://nikoonline.com/2009/02/28/australia
If you wish, embed the youtube video on your page and forward the mp3 to your friends. One woman from Australia wrote to tell me she plans to share these things at her church, spread the word in whatever ways you feel inspired to do so. Together we can touch many hearts! My hope is that it will bring comfort, hope and peace.

With much sincerity,


Phase One of “Newgrass” Project Completed!


The Sun The Moon The Stars
Newgrass Studio Session Documentary 

Those who know me, know that my musical expressions are very diverse, ranging from pop and alternative to new age and chill out. What you may not know is that I grew up on country music! Hank, Willie, Dolly, George, The Judds, Reba, Travis, Garth, all of ‘em! In Texas, country music is EVERYWHERE! As a child, I often went to this place called the “Blue Barn” where bluegrass pickers would gather and play live! Those sounds have always been close to my heart.

Early in 2008, my team and I began discussing a newgrass project. For those who may not know, “newgrass” is basically bluegrass with a fresh twist. After much planning, we rounded up some of the best players in Nashville and on August 12th, we went into the studio to record the first set of songs for the new album (not yet titled).

Two of the guys are part of the band of the infamous bluegrass artist, Ricky Skaggs. Andy Leftwich, who plays fiddle for Ricky, and Cody Kilby who plays guitar. Also joining us in the studio was Rob Ickes on dobro, Byron House on bass and my step brother Gabriel Cantrell on percussion. A studio filled with fine players was sure to lead to an amazing day of music and boy oh boy did it ever!

We tracked the first 3 songs of the album and part of a 4th. I’m excited to tell you that my management company has allowed me the freedom to share our progress with all of you so I’ve posted three tracks in the streaming player at my homepage http://nikoonline.com/media-player and also at my myspace page www.myspace.com/nikoonline

The tracks are “The Sun The Moon The Stars” and two version of “The Special One” (slow and fast). If you are one of the many people around the world who fell in love with the pop version of The Sun The Moon The Stars then you are in for a pleasant surprise! If you’ve never heard The Sun The Moon The Stars then you are still in for a pleasant surprise! : )

We documented the day in the studio so all of you could see these songs coming to life! Above is a glimpse at what the day was like while we worked on The Sun The Moon The Stars. Enjoy!

NIKO – Live in Athens, Greece – July 12th, 2008


NIKO – Live in Athens, Greece – July 12th, 2008

On July 12th, we performed at The Theatro of Vrahon (The Theater Of Rocks) in Athens, Greece. It was an amazing and unforgettable night! There were nearly 2,000 people in attendance. It was my first concert performance in the land of my roots! We were honored to be there and humbled to be so genuinely celebrated. Thanks to the help of radio DJ Nikos Garavelas and his nationally syndicated nightly show, most everyone there knew the songs! The evening was filmed and I’m excited to be able to share it with you! Enjoy! ~ Niko

Viewing / Downloading Options

Left click on the file name to download, it will automatically ask you where you want to save it

Live in Athens, July 12th, 2008 (Med 145MBs)
Live In Athens, July 12th, 2008 (Low 55MBs)

You can download a high resolution file of the performance above and have it on your computer to view anytime you wish or you can watch the performance via these 5 youtube clips…


"I Found A Friend"

"The Special One"

"Together Forever Whenever"




Below is the high resolution "Podcast" version (272 MBs) – you have three options…

1. SUBSCRIBE TO MY PODCAST on iTunes! and receive it that way. To learn about podcasts, click here!

2. Download it (right click on "Download" then choose "Save Target As" or Save Link as")

Thank you for all the birthday wishes!


To everyone around the world, thank you so much for all the birthday wishes!!! : )

On my brithday, I went to the Imax theater with my mother, sister and niece, we watched a documentary on the history of country music and then another about dolphins. I enjoyed both! Did you know that dolphins are considered by many to be the most intelligent mammals in the animal kingdom? Fascinating.

Well, here are some pics we took, a pic in the truck, one in the theater, a few of us making Greek bread (this particular Greek bread is usually made around Easter time) and a few of me with my cake and balloons. Enjoy! : )  


My niece, Brianna. : )


 My sister, Angela.



Makin’ it like word! Yo!




My mother, Faye








Please Help China


In Honor of Those Who Have Died in the Sichuan Earthquake

China has a very special place in my heart. I have grieved over the injuries, deaths and great loss caused by the earthquake in the Sichuan province of China. Over 65,000 people have died and 5 million people are homeless. It’s hard to even comprehend.

I have made a donation to help with sending food to those in need and I am giving away a special song to China in honor of all those who have died and lost loved ones. I would like to ask that you consider giving whatever you can give in whatever way you can give it. Some people do not have money to give, that’s ok, many great gifts do not even have a price tag on them. Follow your own heart and do whatever you feel led to do. The key is to do something. Thank you so much for your consideration!

Some people have asked me which organizations I suggest they use for making donations, there are so many, here are two TRUSTWORTHY ones I have given to in times past, here are the direct links to specifically donate to the cause in China:



To read more and for a free download of my song "You’re In Heaven", go here…

PLEASE share this blog entry too as many people as possible. TOGETHER we can touch MANY lives! The direct link to this page is: http://nikoonline.com/2008/05/31/please-help-china




We’re Looking For Translators For NikoOnline.com


I’m very happy to say that NikoOnline.com has visitors from over 100 countries! The problem is that everyone doesn’t speak English, so we’re looking for people to help us translate the site into many languages. We have a global vision to spread positive music and a message of hope and love to all people in all lands. If you’d like to volunteer to help, please let us know! Perhaps someone out there would like to take this on as a school project!

For more info, write to Tasha at




We’re looking for Translators for NikoOnline.com


I’m very happy to say that NikoOnline.com has visitors from over 100 countries! The problem is that everyone doesn’t speak English, so we’re looking for people to help us translate the site into many languages. We have a global vision to spread positive music and a message of hope and love to all people in all lands. If you’d like to volunteer to help, please let us know! Perhaps someone out there would like to take this on as a school project!

For more info, write to Tasha at



Pursue Your Dream (Part II)




(continued from Part I)

My Glass Is Running Over
All my life I have heard the quote, “Do you see the glass half empty or half full?” On the night of August the 20th, 2007, I realized for the first time that I will never again see the glass as half full but rather I will see the glass as running over! In all that I am and in all that I do from now on, I will always see the glass as running over! I will live and see life with a perspective of blessing and abundance. My glass is full and all that runs over from it is for any and everyone who will receive it. For example, the songs I share with the public are but a handful of the songs I compose and sing out while alone in my time of personal communion with God. The Sun The Moon The Stars is what is spilling out of my glass, Illusion, The Exodus, Aliesha Shine, Together Forever Whenever, Kali Spera, these are all spilling out. I encourage you to see life this way, see your glass as running over. Say what you see and you will see what you have said. See the glass running over and it shall be. Jesus taught, Ask, and you will receive. Seek, and you will find. Knock, and the door will be opened.

Be Patient
It may be a while before you can see your dream manifest in the physical realm. Perhaps there are some things you need to learn first, some areas in which you need to grow and mature, some obligations you need to take care of. One does not fulfill their dream of becoming a doctor until they complete medical school and go through years of training. One does not perform in an arena until they have practiced thousands of hours while alone and performed in smaller venues. What I am saying is that all of these things you may feel are holding you back from your dream are actually part of it! You cannot get to the top of a ladder at the first step.

Always remember that the journey is as important as the destination! Don’t despise the journey, even if it takes 50 years to arrive at the destination! This has been the case for my manager, John, he has worked and dreamed his whole life to taste and see what is just beginning to manifest before his eyes! Your dream is every day, yes one day you will reach a certain place of accomplishment and you will say, “My dream has finally come to pass!” but then you will only set another dream to achieve, so enjoy the journey. Each step, each day, each moment, no matter how painful or how challenging, enjoy the ride!

On the island of Maui in Hawaii there is a place called Hana, many people hear about Hana and can’t wait to go only to find out that when they arrive, there isn’t really anything there at all! It’s the RIDE to Hana that is magical, it’s the 700 turns in the road, the waterfalls along the way, the fruit trees, the views of the ocean and rainforests! If your goal is only to get to Hana, your arrival will most likely be rather anti-climactic. But if your goal is to enjoy the ride, then you will tell everyone like everyone told you, “You gotta go to Hana!”

My Personal Search
Personally, to become who I really was and to begin fulfilling my dream, I had to “get out of my father’s house”, meaning I had to leave my comfort zone and place of familiarity. Comfort and familiarity breed a certain kind of habitual living, it can be positive or negative, in my case there were many things I needed a clean break away from – people and their ridiculous expectations, organizations and all their absurd rules and regulations, jobs and their monotonous routine, etc.

For me, it was so extreme that I even felt compelled to change my name! I began going by, Odysseus, the Greek version of my middle name. It was so liberating and just downright cool! No one knew me, no one criticized me, no one judged me based on my past. It was just what I needed. I felt empowered as never before to just be ME! The real me! Who I really was! I felt like I could breathe! I let my hair grow long for the first time! I painted my nails black and wore earrings for the first time!! I stayed up composing music all night long over and over!!! I bought 20 boxes of my favorite “unhealthy” cereal and ate them all as fast as I could!!! 10 times, I drove 1000 miles to attend week long teaching seminars all about provoking people to be true to themselves and to fulfill their God given destiny! In all of this, the warrior and artist in me was awakened and I finally began to let go of all my fears – my fear of man and his judgment and criticism, my fear of persecution… for the first time in my life I didn’t care what anybody thought about me except one: God. If God was cool with me, that’s all I needed to know, everyone else could go jump in the lake for all I cared! My canvas was white and I began to paint it just the way I always dreamed it to be! COLORFUL and TRUE!!!

Your Search
For each, it is different. “The Search” certainly does not always involve moving somewhere else but it does always involve doing something different. You can’t do the same thing over and over and expect to get different results. If you mix half water with half juice you will always get the same drink. If you want to discover something you’ve yet to find, then you’ve gotta do something you’ve never ever done before!

Do not measure success by monetary gain or by how others see you, measure the success of each day by whether or not you were true to yourself, by whether or not you walked in love. A day of truth and love is the most successful day any man or woman can ever live. Mother Theresa had few possessions yet undoubtedly lived a very successful life. Life is not about what you’ve got, it’s about what you give.

Be Honest With Yourself
I am a person who encourages people to follow their hearts and dreams but it’s necessary that people be honest with themselves. For example, if you do not have a single athletic bone in your body then you might want to reconsider your “dream” of becoming the next Michael Jordan. : ) That’s a fantasy, not a dream. There is a BIG difference between a dream and a fantasy, do not confuse the two. I’ve seen some people in singing competitions on TV who couldn’t even carry a tune, for that person to pursue a singing career is absurd. I always wanted to be an artist (with pencils and paint) but I have NO natural talent for it whatsoever, I can hardly even draw a stick figure! It would be crazy for me to pursue such a thing when it’s blatantly obvious to me that it is not the gift God put in me. I was always fascinated by gymnastics and would have loved to be involved in it. As a matter of fact, the world famous coach Bela Karolyi had his personal training gym not far from my house, but I did not have natural talent for it, it was not my gift.

A Question For You…
What is it that you can do effortlessly? Stop and REALLY think about it. Can you write? Can you cook? Are you good with numbers? Good at focusing on one thing all day long? Good at organizing? Good at leading? Are you good with mechanical things and with using your hands? Do you love to be around people? Do you love to travel? Do you speak multiple languages? Do you enjoy reading? Do you love nature? Animals? Are you always thinking of ideas for new businesses? I assure you that the things which come to you so naturally do not come naturally to everyone else. Find out what your gifts are and then start to walk in them and you will naturally begin to fulfill your dreams.

The Time Is Now!
You can change your life today! Now, in a single moment! It’s up to YOU and no one else! It’s your life, your day, your choice! How? With a simple decision. You see, most people think of change in terms of something you can see with your eyes and touch with your hands, and this is true, but FIRST change happens WITHIN! Change is a DECISION. It is not based on external things – it doesn’t matter where you live, how rich or poor you are, how old you are, etc. You are a person, you are beautiful, you are priceless, your life is a gift from God! Decide today that you will BE TRUE TO YOURSELF. Decide today that you will GIVE and always BE MOTIVATED BY LOVE. Decide today that you will FULFILL YOUR PURPOSE! Decide today that you will PURSUE YOUR DREAM! ~ Niko

TV Interview with Niko about his song Joy!


Greetings to everyone around the world! Yesterday I did a short TV interview here in Nashville on a morning show called “Talk of the Town”, the interview was about my song “Joy” and the TV commercial it is featured in. The commercial is part of an advertising campaign called “Feel The Joy!”, promoting sedation dentistry. The campaign is in the process of going national here in the USA! Anyway, I thought you all might enjoy seeing it! It was fun!

Niko’s song “You’re In Heaven” released by EMI Records


Hello, World…this is NIKO…have you got…just a moment? *smile*

I’m happy to announce that EMI Records in Greece has just released a compilation CD titled “Never The Same” on which my song “You’re In Heaven” (from the Love album) is featured!

Now, here’s where I need your help…

As you know, I’ve been giving my music away for free, but I need your support on this one. If sales and radio response are strong, we will be able to discuss a full album release with EMI! In case you don’t know, EMI is one of the largest record labels in the world. If they sign me to their label, my dream of getting my music to the world will come true!

So, for those of you who are willing, I am asking two things:

1 – Please buy the album. Buy a copy for a friend…or ask a friend to buy a copy! The CD is available at major retail outlets throughout Greece and Cyprus – like Virgin Megastores, Metropolis, and PMW. With your help, we can take it to #1…it debuted this week at #11. Outside of Greece and Cyprus, you can still buy the album, but it will need to be by special order. Simply ask about it at your local record store (because of licensing issues, it’s not available online).

2 – If you are in Greece or Cyprus, call your local radio stations and request Niko, and specifically the song “You’re in Heaven” from the CD “Never the Same” on Minos-EMI Records !!!

Thanks so much for your support!

P.S. If you are in the Nashville area, tune into News Channel 5’s “Talk Of The Town” on Monday, June 18th, at 11am. I’ll be doing a live T.V. interview!

P.P.S. Here’s the album cover…