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My Song


I'm happy to tell you that I finally have a new song for you to listen to, it's called "My Song" : )

You can listen to the song here…

download My Song by Niko  Click here to download it for free!

From my journal in 2004…
"Xris and I were driving across Okracoke island (a small island on the outer banks of North Carolina) trying to catch the 9pm ferry to Hatteras island where our motel was. I looked over at Xris and said what has now become one of our favorite quotes of all time… “Well, worse case scenario, we will write one song.” Sure enough we missed the ferry and now you get to enjoy the one song, My Song." 

November 2012…
I finally got around to recording "My Song"! It's the first song I've worked on since 2008. With this track I can now officially say "Welcome back Melodic Warrior, nice to see you again my old friend". It's been several years since I felt the creative spirit channel through me as it did in this piece. The lyric content is prophetic, its the perfect song to be working on as I enter back into the world of music. "…now I'm moving on because now I found my song…" 

You can download the song here for free. Please share it with all your friends!  

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Dancin' 'cross the sky, she caught my eye, changed my mind
Lips that spoke the truth, revealed the lies of all these times
Now I'm movin' on because now I found my song
Now I know the truth, ever since I met you

Singing lullabies, I realized… tomorrow 
Washed away my pain, dried my tears and sorrow
Now I'm movin' on because now I found my song
Now I speak the truth, ever since I kissed you

Now I'm movin' on because now I found my song
Now I see the truth, ever since I loved you
download My Song by Niko  Click here to download it for free!

The Exodus With Desert Images


I got an email from a dear fan today in Protugal, wanted to share it with you….

Hello my friend Niko!

I do hope that you are going well.

I just finished to upload a new video in YouTube and your song "The Exodus" was my choice to complete it. I do hope that you like this.


Best wishes


Drawings Of Niko


I got an email from an artist in Holland who fell in love with my music. She drew two pictures for me, one a portrait and the other a scene inspired by the music video to my song “The Exodus”.

No one has ever drawn me in a portrait before. It’s very interesting to see another artist’s interpretation of me and interpretation of The Exodus.

I am so deeply moved by the drawings that I would like to share them openly.

“…this is my way of supporting your beautiful initiative. It was just a quick sketch coming out while I was watching The Exodus…..it touched my heart very deeply….the music and the atmosphere felt like a deja vu….which I often feel by seeing the pyramids…and also the acropolis makes something move in me. Together with the beautiful music, I started drawing and I could almost feel the heartache and the passion you showed by performing this in the lands of your forefathers. So, I decided to just keep it very natural and only colored the sketch with pastels so I did not change to much of the first impression I got, it was done in about 2 hours I think but it was strange because I totally lost track of time and was just lost in the drawing….it was a nice experience…” – Crystal of Zeist, Holland





I will be performing with my band on Cyprus!


I will be performing with my band on Cyprus! : ) 

When: September 11th at 20:30
Where: Mouttayiaka Ranch, Limassol

Tickets are 20E. For more information, contact…

Ilias Antnviadh
Phone: 99201500
To read more about the event, go here…

Address of venue:

Mouttayiaka Ranch
2 Demokratias Street
Mouttayiaka, Limassol Cyprus
Phone: 99437515

Hope you can make it to the concert, it's gonna be great!



I’m releasing a new album…


Be a part of helping me release my second album, "The Special One"!  Get an autographed limited edition copy mailed to you once it's done!

Click here to learn more…


Thank you for your support!


P.S. Here's what the cover is going to look like…


Maria Callas


If you don’t know Maria Callas, today I’d like to introduce you to her. A Greek opera singer.

Some moving videos of Maria…


www.youtube.com/watch?v=SvrHxQ3qjAE (excerpt from her last performance)

She’s one of the only opera singers I have ever heard that I actually believed. She got me! It’s very rare that an artist has made me cry, Maria did.  

She died in 1977, at the early age of 57. I feel she died of a broken heart. I would liked to have known her. In many ways, I relate with her.

She is featured in the “Crazy Ones” video, she blows the kiss www.youtube.com/watch?v=KSEtwdAMdw4

Leave your thoughts here in my blog, I look forward to reading them.



Which of my songs do I enjoy most?


Someone wrote me today and asked, “Which of your songs do you enjoy most? Are there any that are more special because they have cost you more (emotionally) to compose them? Some that are more sentimental?

My reply:

Although I obviously feel connected to every song I’ve ever written, I am most drawn to my darker/melancholy material. Here’s a list of the songs that are deepest to me…

The Exodus
Angel Rising
The One
Put Away The Gun
The Special One

These songs can be downloaded for free here www.nikoonline.com/free-songs
For The Special One go here

Leave your thoughts about which of my songs you enjoy most. I always enjoy reading what others think and feel.