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Morningland Dairy



If you don't know about the Morningland Dairy story, please google it. I have read the story and watched some youtube videos and the FDA / officials in Missouri did these honest hard working people VERY wrong.

I made a donation to Morningland Dairy today to an official fund that has been set up by supportive friends of the owners/family of Morningland Dairy. My donation will help pay for several pounds of the cheese that was ILLEGALLY thrown into a landfill by government officials in Missouri. If you feel inspired to give something, please do. Even if it's only $5, that will help pay for 1 pound of the cheese that was taken and thrown away.

The truth is this is not about cheese, this is about FREEDOM and it's relevant to every citizen of the United States who values his or her rights. This IS part of the battle we are in now for FREEDOM in our country. It happens right here and now in something as simple as good cheese being illegally thrown away ($250,000 worth, which crushed this small family business). In this case it's the right to grow/buy RAW food (which is how it used to be for as long as mankind has walked this planet up until a few decades ago), but it could just as well be about another one of our freedoms being taken away.

Here is the donation page…


Here is the Morningland Dairy homepage…


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Big Bad Corn


We as a people need to eat more vegetables, fruits, nuts, and other raw foods. We need to stay away from processed foods as much as possible and if we do use processed foods then look for things that are minimally processed. Below is some very good information to know concerning "corn" and how it has been used/abused in the USA over the last 40 years. Also if you have not seen the documentary "Food Inc." be sure to check it out.

Big Bad Corn
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Joy in the Congo


A really inspiring story. The power and beauty of vision. All things are possible to those that believe.

"Joy in the Congo: A musical miracle" …

The Daily “Live-by” List


I recently created a daily "Live-by" list that I will seek to live by, I am posting it here on my blog for others to read and enjoy. Please feel free to share it with others. 

Bodyyour temple

Eat healthy foods at every meal (preferably raw and organic).

Be active every day and exercise at least four times per week.

Always be learning more about how to be self sustaining (such knowledge may prove to be more priceless than gold, gun or stockpile one day).

Soulyour consciousness

Love and respect ourselves every day. 

Find joy and laugher every day.

Be passionate every day.

Live in the moment. 

Read something every day.

Grow as individuals every day (seek after love, wisdom, humility, balance…).

Work towards our vision every day (i.e. dream, mission, ideas).

Guard our ear and eye gates and our tongue as well every day.

Think on good things and let all of our actions flow out of the womb of love.

Build impactful, loving relationships every day.

Contribute to others in a meaningful way every day (gift, act of service, affirmation…). 

Spirityour connection (to God, yourself and others)

Pray and come face to face with God every day.

Honor God in all that we do and be accountable every day.

Be grateful and thankful every day. 

Walk in awareness and perception every day. 

Be true to who we are and why we are here (identity and destiny).

Materialyour stuff

Shun debt. "The borrower is servant to the lender", don't become a slave!

Possess only what we need to fulfill our purpose and vision (things/money are tools, use them and never let them use you).


Explore The Ocean


I got this graphic in my email about the ocean and I thought it was worth sharing with you…

Explore the Ocean

Who are you in stillness


A few days ago, I thought to myself "Who are you in stillness?" When there is no noise or distractions around you, no voices telling you this and that, no pressure from your boss or peers or teachers or ANY person. Who are YOU really? You know the answer better than anyone around you ever will, no one is you or ever will be you, no one will ever live in your skin and no one can die in it. So, be still and KNOW who you are then BE who you are. Let go of all the things that society says you should be, disconnect from people who are pushing you into a direction that is not you, come face to face with God and see the truth. If you are not being true to yourself and that which you were created and gifted to do then you will always feel empty inside, you will cheat and rob yourself (and others), you will be unhappy in life and you will die with regret. Sounds terrible but it's the truth and it's better to heed it now and endure the pain it will bring for a season than to suffer a lifetime of sorrow for living a lie.

Be one of the "crazy ones" like Mother Teresa, Ghandi, MLK, Edison, Steve Jobs, Jim Hanson, Mozart, Picasso… You!

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The Exodus With Desert Images


I got an email from a dear fan today in Protugal, wanted to share it with you….

Hello my friend Niko!

I do hope that you are going well.

I just finished to upload a new video in YouTube and your song "The Exodus" was my choice to complete it. I do hope that you like this.


Best wishes


Amazing Video Of Portugal


Check out this amazing video of Portugal. I'm planning to do a couple house concerts there in 2012 and I asked one of my dear fans to send me some video of her country, this really inspired me…


Drawings Of Niko


I got an email from an artist in Holland who fell in love with my music. She drew two pictures for me, one a portrait and the other a scene inspired by the music video to my song “The Exodus”.

No one has ever drawn me in a portrait before. It’s very interesting to see another artist’s interpretation of me and interpretation of The Exodus.

I am so deeply moved by the drawings that I would like to share them openly.

“…this is my way of supporting your beautiful initiative. It was just a quick sketch coming out while I was watching The Exodus…..it touched my heart very deeply….the music and the atmosphere felt like a deja vu….which I often feel by seeing the pyramids…and also the acropolis makes something move in me. Together with the beautiful music, I started drawing and I could almost feel the heartache and the passion you showed by performing this in the lands of your forefathers. So, I decided to just keep it very natural and only colored the sketch with pastels so I did not change to much of the first impression I got, it was done in about 2 hours I think but it was strange because I totally lost track of time and was just lost in the drawing….it was a nice experience…” – Crystal of Zeist, Holland