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 download Love by Niko

My heart goes out to Australia and the devastation she has endured as a result of the fires and floods. In honor of all those who have died and lost loved ones, I’d like to give a special song - "Love".

If you are visiting this page and live in Australia or know people who do, please help spread this song of hope to others in Australia. If you wish, embed the youtube video on your page and forward the mp3 to your friends. One woman from Australia wrote to say she plans to share these things at her church. Spread the word in whatever ways you feel inspired to do so. Together we can touch many hearts! The page to share is: nikoonline.com/australia

My hope is that "Love" will bring comfort, hope and peace to you and many others. 

A very moving video made by a precious woman in Brisbane…


It doesn’t matter what you’ve got, there’s just one thing you need, it doesn’t matter what you’ve lost, all you need to see is love. And for all the pain you feel, your struggles and your strife, there’s just one thing you need to change all of your life! Love. The stones that struck you down, they’re crumblin’ at your feet beneath the hand of love. It’s in your heart, it’s in your mind, it’s in your life, don’t look too far. It’s in your heart, it’s in your mind, it’s in your time, don’t look too far. It’s in your womb, it’s in your child, it’s in your hand, don’t look too far.

download Love by Niko

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