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Never The Same by EMI Records

Never The Same compilation

"I just listened all the way through for the first time and wow! A diverse collection of 15 songs that span 3 decades… yet flow in and out of each other in an amazing and even mesmerizing way. It captured me. This album definitely has a strong mood, more on the melancholic side, which I personally enjoy most. "You\'re In Heaven" fits like a glove." ~ Niko

In June of 2007, EMI Records in Greece released a compilation CD titled "Never The Same" on which Niko\'s song "You\'re In Heaven" (from the Love album) is featured.

The CD is available at major retail outlets throughout Greece and Cyprus – like Virgin Megastores, Metropolis, and PMW. Outside of Greece and Cyprus, you can still buy the album, but it will need to be by special order. Simply ask about it at your local record store (because of licensing issues, it's not available online).

track list

1 Protection – Massive Attack featuring Tracey Thorn 7:52
2 Extreme Ways – Moby 3:57
3 You're In Heaven – NIKO 3:34
4 Fade Into You – Mazzy Star 4:52
5 The Pleasure Song – Marianne Faithfull 4:14
6 You\'ll Follow Me Down – Skunk Anansie 4:02
7 Everyman – Wire Daisies 4:45
8 Souvenir (Moby Remix) – Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark 4:41
9 The Promise – When In Rome 3:04
10 Into Everything – Telepopmusik – Deborah Anderson 4:25
11 60 Seconds – Audio Deluxe 5:51
12 Natural Thing – Innocence 9:50
13 Into The Dark – Ferry Corsten 5:43
14 Wishful Thinking – China Crisis 4:42
15 Kayleigh – Marillion 4:03

(C) (P) 2007 The copyright in this compilation is owned by Minos – EMI SA