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346 days from now

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What if you knew that in exactly 346 days from now you were going to die, how would it affect you? What could you do differently about the way you life your life today and for the next 345 days to follow?

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  1. Espero y deseo que no te falten a ti los 346 dias.
    ¿porque has elegido exactamente 346 dias y no 365 dias que tiene un año?
    Bueno respondiendo a tu pregunta,si yo estuviera en esa situacion, solo pensaria en estar el mayor tiempo posible cerca de mi familia y disfrutar de ellos, seguir en lo posible mi vida como era antes de la noticia. Encontrar solucion al problema si es posible y que al llegar a los 346 dias no me muera.
    Sobre todo me doleria mas que los 346 dias fueran para uno de mis hijos; solo el pensarlo me provoca tristeza y mientras escribo estas palabras tengo ganas de llorar, Dios no me gustaria que la muerte se llevara a mis hijos, prefiero morir yo que uno de mis dos hijos.
    Esta reflexion que haces tu, me lo he preguntado yo muchas veces,¿que haria? ¡¡¡¡VIVIR¡¡¡ los 346 dias. Besos Ana.

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    Niko, I don’t know whether I’ll die tomorrow or in 20 years. But I can’t imagine myself living now without my grandson, who is expected to be born in one month…
    Do you believe in MAIA profecy? 21st December 2012, the last day of Earth? I’d like not.
    Thus, let0s live as if this is our very last day.
    Very best wishes and a long life to you and yours.

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    Niko, I wouldn’t have to think ahead. My desire and focus is to live each and every moment as it if were my last. And how I choose to FEEL in that moment is my prayer. To live authentically from my heart and be of service.

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    I think I wouldn’t change a damn thing. Maybe just enjoy slightly more sunshine.

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    That’s a very thinkable question! I would certainly talk with no fear to people that hurted me someway, and say to them “I forgive you, and I ask you sorry for everything I did to you that hurted you, even that wasn’t my intention”. I would spend most of the time with my boyfriend, family and friends, having good times together, and pray to God and Jesus to forgive me.

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    If I knew that I would die exactly 346 days from now, I would release inhibitions and proceed forward on things I’ve hesitated about…writing what I REALLY thought…saying what I WANTED to say. I’d tell him how I FEEL. I would flirt shamelessly and harmlessly. I would quit my job, sell my house, and travel fearlessly. I would sing karaoke, sober. I would wear whatever I felt like wearing and eat with my elbows on the table and deliberately use the wrong fork. (wait, I do that already) I would not fear what others thought of me as long as I wasn’t rude or unkind. I would speed up my life and cram into it as much as I could. I would do all the things that I should be doing now.

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    I once ,I had loved,feel,adore, with all my heart & soul one man.
    I had never feel SO strong Love like this before.I never told him.We had different paths.
    All I Want is to Embraced ONE MORE TIME, so tide to Feel his Heart in my veins.
    Touching his hair.Kissed him,to hear his voice,to close my eyes and whisper his name,and to say how lucky i’ve been who spend some hours close to him.
    Nothing else!I don’t wanna nothing!Then i will die peacefully!

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    It will affect me definitely cause i have to think over how to extend my rest life to my dear friends, family and all people whom i care; and how to be more grateful to all i have and what i can do to others.
    And to fulfil my dreams which are unfinished.
    If we live every day as our last day, will life be different when we are old and look back the days passing by? What life behind us and what life before us is a small matter compared to what life within us.

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    A Esperanca renova nossos dias e e bom saber que estamos vivos. Da-mos Grascas a Deus por isso. Desejo de um feliz ano novo renovado, com bos novas. Beijinhos

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    I’ve watched the movie-The Bucket List, which is touching movie. And I’ve ever been asked if you have one week from now, what would you do? I know it’s hard for us to think about death ahead, however, everyone will face sooner or later. I prefer to make videos of me and write letters to my family and friends and enjoy my time with my family. I don’t regret there are still lots of things undone. If I could make a choice, or there is after life, I would make a list to plan my life ahead of time. Just smile!!!!!!!

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    Hi Niko,

    If that estimate was given because of an illness, I would try to get everything together for my family to make it easier for them, and hopefully say anything that needs to be said to loved ones, and have them tell me what they feel is important. Closure is important for the family and friends that are still alive, and that is the only gift we could give them if we are going to die.

    On the other hand if the world is going to explode as some of the scientist are claiming when the Mayan Calendar stops, I will just continue working and keeping up with my regular activities. I am too skeptical to stop what I am doing. Shelter and food are nice things to have.

  12. My first though go to my dogs, what happen with them? No i will not know, when I died, I will live my life.

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